There Will Be More Anthem Action Coming Before E3 According To BioWare Director

Anthem, BioWare and Electronic Arts’ next big IP is a  there’s not much information regarding its content. While players are hoping for new footage to be shown at this year’s E3, BioWare is teasing more action to be coming before June’s event.

While replying to a user’s question on Reddit, BioWare’s technical design director Brenon Holmes has hinted that we’ll see more of Anthem in the next months with a cryptic way. The user asked him if we are “going to get any info or another look at the game before spring/summer” and he replied, “shakes magic eight ball ‘Outlook good’.”

Even though his answer isn’t as straightforward as we would have liked it gives us just the amount of hype to keeps us going. As it seems, we won’t have to wait until E3 to get some more information about Anthem. However, solid information as to when this will happen is not given so, for now, all we have to do is wait.

Furthermore, Holmes stated that fans do not have to worry about the new kind of matchmaking technique being implemented in the shared-world of the upcoming action-role-playing game.

Anthem will have other arrays through which to boost player engagement. At this point, the developer is pretty certain that the highly anticipated release will have nothing to do with DDA.

As for microtransactions, Anthem game loot boxes are said to be different than others, cosmetic items are being added now in loot boxes as per the demands of the players said, Michael Pachter analyst. He stated that EA is looking forward to making changes based on feedback from the community. Star Wars Battlefront 2 had a major impact on Anthem game loot boxes.

Are you excited to see some more Anthem footage? What would you like to see implemented in the game?

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