Wild West Online Weapon Mechanics Are Like Battlefield 1: 612 Games

The upcoming sandbox online multiplayer title, Wild West Online, is releasing later this year. The title brings the old west to the modern world but exclusively on PC. Among many of its amazing features, the game is going to feature proper bullet ballistics.

One of the most in-depth bullet ballistics systems is featured in EA’s Battlefield 1. Hit scan is affected by distance, where you hit the target and there is also bullet drop. According to 612 Games, Wild West Online weapon mechanics are going to be similar.

All weapons in the game are going to have proper bullet ballistics so it will take some time before the bullet reaches the enemy. They also added bullet flight time and drop. In that way, they are similar to Battlefield 1 and aren’t like Call of Duty or CounterStrike Global Offensive.

All weapons have proper bullets ballistics, so it actually takes some time for the bullet to reach the target, so you have to plan for the bullet flight time as well as drop. Wind or weather will not alter bullet flight though. Think that we are more like Battlefield 1, and not like CSGO/COD.

There is also in-depth character customization included to spice up your character.

Wild West Online is releasing later this year and developers will host a beta this Summer on PC. There are no plans for a console version for the time being.

We will have more for you on Wild West Online soon, do let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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