Wild Hearts Venomglider Boss Guide

Venomglider is a squirrel-like kemono boss that looks like the Spineglider in Wild Hearts. They may as well be related except that Venomglider is far deadlier in comparison.

Apart from the obvious color change between them being that the Spineglider has a green-colored body whereas the Venom Glider has a brown-colored one, with a red flaming petal design on its back.

Moreover, both of them have a large and unique-looking horn on their forehead which they use for attacks. Another difference between them is that the Venomglider packs in poisonous attacks through its big Green tail, which distinguishes them from the rest of the Kemonos that you will face in the game.

If you are interested in hunting this Kemono, then we suggest that you read on as we have covered its location, strengths, weaknesses, and loot of the Venom Glider in Wild Hearts.

Venomglider location

You will come across the Venomglider during Chapters 3 and 4 in Wild Hearts as you venture through the Blossom Trails.  During these chapters, you can venture out to hunt these  Kemono.

Therefore you will need to be prepared to encounter these wild beasts “Kemono” as they will test your mettle to the limit in the hunt.

You will need to equip yourself with food items and armor that will keep you alive and kicking during your fight with the Venomglider. The Kemono you will face in chapter 4 will be more engaging than the ones you faced in chapter 3 in Wild Hunt.

So, if you have faced the Spineglider earlier on during the game you will find that dealing with the Venomglider is also relatively similar. Therefore you can prepare accordingly and be aware of its attack movements as well.

Venomglider weaknesses

The Venomglider has similar attributes to its cousin the Spineglider as it too can produce a liquid that has properties like “creating rocks”. Moreover, if you take a closer look at its body you can also observe that its body is covered in spider lilies as well.

These enable the Venom Glider to produce “Poison” which it uses against its prey. Once you engage in battle with it, the Venom Glider will use its surroundings to its advantage by spreading poison all around you. These will form toxic pools which will be deadly if you don’t avoid them as you will lose a lot of Hp if you come in contact with them during the hunt.

The Venom Glider’s elemental weakness includes both “Fire and Plant”. As for the weapon weakness, you can damage it by using “Piercing or Blunt” attacks which can weaken this Kemono and after that go for the finishing blow.

You should target its mid-body and tail for your attacks as they are considered more vulnerable parts for damage compared to the other sides you attack it on. If you target the rest of the body apart from the ones mentioned the amount of damage will be the same.

How to defeat Venom Glider in Wild Hearts

Once you encounter this Kemono, fighting it is quite similar to facing the Spine glider as both of these are similar species. You need to avoid its attacks and keep dodging them until you get the right moment to inflict damage on it.

Use Ponder Karakuri and Bladed Wagasa

You can use the “Ponder Karakuri or the Bladed Wagasa” in the fight against this Kemono. You can go with either of these options during the hunt. If you go with the latter option, then you can perform attacks like “Reverse Lunge, Batto Stash, Spindance 1, Ariel Spindance, and Plunging Comet” to deal critical damage on the Venomglider.

Target Venomglider Soft Spots

While fighting Venomglider, your attacks should target the soft spots of this Kemono which will not only maximize damage but also break the monster eventually. Start with attacking the tail first and once it is broken, move to the mid-body.

Learn how to dodge Venomglider attacks

It will start with horn attacks in the beginning and when it feels threatened it will resort to spitting Poison from its large green tail. These in turn will end up creating pools of poison that will limit your movement as it moves on to attack you. Therefore, you should extend your range and avoid its attacks.

You can counter heavy blows and use attack combos from both sky and ground on the Venomglider as well. Make sure that you break the Venomglider’s footholds with your attacks as these will limit it from launching attack moves from above on you.

Attack Venomglider between intervals

The enraged attacks will also momentarily stagger the Kemono and give you the opportunity to inflict massive damage on the Venomglider as well. Keep using these attacks along with the evasion movements and you will be able to defeat it with relative ease in Wild Hearts.

Venomglider materials and drops

After you defeat this ferocious Kemono in Wild Hearts you will receive the following materials and drops as a reward. These will include:

  • Giant Kemono Petal
  • Rare Venom Glider Succus
  • Sunrise Princess Teardrops
  • Sunrise Princess Kemono Blood
  • Large Autumn Breeze Crystal
  • Venom Glider Blood Horn: (Head)
  • Venom Glider Toxic Lintel: (Back)
  • Venom Glider Petal Derm
  • Venom Glider Blood Claw: By breaking its claws
  • Venom Glider Patagium

You can use these materials to upgrade your armor sets to reinforce them in the fights against other Kemono in Wild Hearts.