Wild Hearts Sporetail Boss Guide

Wild Hearts Sporetail is a giant kemono that summons small pups to bring chaos to its enemies. This monster relies on fatigue inducement to hunt down its prey. If you have faced Ragetail, this Wild Hearts Boss will be an easy catch for you due to its similarities with the other variant.

The significant difference between Sporetail and Ragetail is that the former uses smaller pups that can be very annoying. You need to take care of them before things start turning south for you.

Sporetail will lead its pup to attack some people on the way to Minato city, where you will get to bring down this monster once and for all.

However, before that, you need to know exactly where to find Wild Hearts Sporetail and its pups to win quickly over this kemono.

Sporetail location

You can easily find Sporetail in the region of Akikure Canyon. This is the only place that breeds Sporetail kemono.

After you arrive in Akikure, move through the ascending path that leads you near the cave. You will find some smaller kemonos that can only be summoned by Sporetail attacking a person. Eliminate the pups and speak to the person you just saved.

He will explain that those were just some puppets. The real monster lies inside the cave, and you need to take it down. Head toward the Buddha Cave and check the surrounding Mushroom Hollow Entrance to come across Wild Hearts Sporetail.

Sporetail weaknesses

Sporetail’s physical attribute weakness lies towards the Fire attribute and Ablazed ailment, so use weapons with these features to swiftly end your encounter with this kemono.

You need to use Slash and Pummel attacks, as these are the weakest links for Sporetail. Each strike from such attacks might deal substantial damage, so equip the right weapons.

When it comes to Sporetail soft spots, you are in for some exciting stuff. The creature provides tons of soft points you can target to bring it down.

The Head is the most vulnerable part of this kemono, followed by others. Surprisingly, all the other parts show equal softness, and the monster is unlike Icetusk or Fumebeak; as for those, you have to ensure precise attacks toward their head. You can hit any part of Sporetail to deal good damage.

How to defeat Sporetail in Wild Hearts

The only way to win any battle in Wild Hearts is by bringing down the foe. You need to quickly end Sporetail and its pups by attacking its head. The high vulnerability of this body part makes it easy to stagger the Sporetail and allows you to hit more attacking combos to take much of its health away.

Use Star Bomb Karakuri and Bulwark Karakuri

Make use of Star Bomb Karakuri and Bulwark one to block the charge attacks of Sporetail. You can see the attack coming by the way Sporetail wags its tail from a distance and rush toward you. You can use the Bulwark Karakuri to stagger your foe and go on the counter-attack to inflict several hits.

The Star Bomb Karakuri is perfect for tackling Sporetail fatigue-based attacks. You can eliminate all the smaller pups gathered around you with a single bomb, and the pups will not be able to release smoke that causes the fatigue effect.

Attack Sporetail between intervals

You need to take advantage of the window between the attacks of Sporetail that allows you to hit the kemono without worrying about the counter. Make the most of it to end the fight and earn your rewards.

Beware of Enraged Attacks

The Enraged State attacks from Wild Hearts Sporetail can cause some worries if you are not careful. You should always eliminate the aggressive pups using the Star Bomb Karakuri. Sporetail performs the aggressive body slam after standing on its tail, allowing you to prepare to dodge the attack and counterattack it.

Sporetail materials and drops

You are not only going to save a few carpenters by eliminating the Wild Hearts Sporetail. You can earn some good rewards that can be used as you progress against the Wild Hearts bosses.

Normal Sporetail

  • Giant Kemono Essential Oil
  • Rare Sporetail Cell
  • Small Harvest Crystal
  • Sporetail Claw
  • Sporetail Fang
  • Sporetail Hide
  • Sporetail Stipe
  • Veteran Kemono Blood
  • Veteran Teardrops

Mighty Sporetail

  • Thick Sporetail Stipe
  • Sporetail Hide
  • Sporetail Claw
  • Hard Sporetail Fang
  • Sporetail Whiskers
  • Prized Sporetail Cell
  • Cutthroat Teardrops
  • Cutthroat Kemono Blood
  • Large Autumn Breeze Crystal

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