How To Get Snapspine Cotton In Wild Hearts

Snapspine Cotton is one of the resources in Wild Hearts, which is used to craft new weapons and armor. These new armors and weapons give you an edge in upcoming challenges and missions. With so many unknown resources in Wild Hearts, players are often confused about which are important and which are not. Just like most players don’t know about Wild Hearts Snapspine cotton and its uses.

If you don’t have this resource, you will not be able to craft new weapons and armor, which leads to your defeat in fighting with tougher Kemono. To help you use this resource for your benefit, we have prepared a guide to tell you where to find Snapsnipe cotton. 

Wild Hearts Snapspine Cotton location

Finding Snapspine cotton is not so difficult, and it doesn’t require fighting a large Kemono. To get this resource, you need to travel to Natsukodachi Isle. After reaching there, travel to the east, where you will see Caldera Dolmen Dragon Pit and Lava Cavern.

The small Kemono (Snapspine Wisps) that has this cotton is between these two areas in Wild Hearts. They may seem harmless, but they throw Snapspine needles at you when threatened. They mostly travel in a pack of six, so you need to kill these cute beasts instantly, or else you will find yourself between the rain of these needles.

Strike them with your killer blow, and once they have died, Snapspine cotton will appear in your inventory. Initially, you can only find them at Natsukodachi Isle, but when you enter chapter 3, they will appear in Akikure Canyon.

Snapspine cotton uses

This Snapspine cotton may not look valuable, but it is a precious resource in Wild Hearts. Its most important use is upgrading and crafting weapons and armor in the game.

Crafting and upgrading weapons is essential in Wild Hearts, as you will need these upgraded weapons when facing powerful Kemono in the later phase of the game.

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