How To Get Small Mist Crystals In Wild Hearts

Small Mist Crystals in Wild Hearts are a resource item required to activate the Dragon Pits. Players need the pits first as they begin their journey to protect the people of Minato from the threatening Kemonos.

These dragon pits provide players with various resources needed to build Dragon Karakuri, which then aids players in their journey.

Mist Crystal, therefore, is an item that players can’t skip. So you need to know how to get your hands on Small Mist crystals and use them in Wild Hearts.

Small mist crystal locations in Wild Hearts

Getting your hands on the Small Mist crystals is not a difficult job at all. It is not a rare resource, and you can find it easily. While progressing through the game story, you will find plenty of Small Mist Crystal around Harugasami Way.

As you explore the region and hunt kemono here, make sure to loot everything you see and you will have amassed a massive amount of small mist crystals in no time.

Look for these purple plants and harvest them to get small mist crystals.

What are small mist crystals used for?

The first thing that players need to do in Wild Hearts is to activate different dragon pits. In Wild Hearts, Dragon Pits are located all around the map; however, to get the benefits from the Dragon Pits, players first need to activate these Dragon Pits.

Players, thus, need to collect the Small Mist Crystal in the Wild hearts, as this is an essential ingredient in the recipe to activate the Dragon Pits.

You can activate pits by just using one Small Mist Crystal, but some pits require you to use more like two or three. Once you activate the Dragon pits, you can approach them, opening up a menu displaying the dragon pits’ resources.

Collecting Mist Crystal is an important part of building Dragon Karakuri. Dragon Karakuri needs five resources: Leaf, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. These resources are generated from dragon pits.

The more you upgrade dragon pits in the area, the more dragon karakuri buildings will be available to set down on the map.

Do keep in mind that mist crystals aren’t the only resource needed to unblock and upgrade dragon pits.