Wild Hearts Simian Yin Organ Gem Locations: Where To Find Gemcast Monkeys

Simian Yin Organ gem is one of many items you need to craft and upgrade your weapons in Wild Hearts. Simian Yin is not a rare gem; your only problem is that it only spawns in one area in Wild Hearts. You can find the Simian Yin Organ gems easily if you know where to look for them.

How to get Simian Yin Organ Gems in Wild Hearts

To obtain Simian Yin Organ Gems you will have to look for Gemcast Monkey locations. The only place where you can get this item as a drop from a monster is Fuyufusagi Fort.

In this area, you will come across the kemono Gemcast Monkeys, who, when defeated, will drop Simian Yin Organ gems. However, you can only enter this area in the second half of chapter 2. 

Before you can find these monsters in Wild Hearts, you will need to defeat the following main bosses:

After defeating the above bosses, you will enter the Fuyufugasi fort area. If you go towards the bridge, you will find a couple of Gemcast Monkeys who will drop the gems when defeated.

You will need to search the urban areas of the fort to find these small Kemonos in Wild Hearts. Besides the monkeys, you have no other source to yield these gems, so don’t waste time on something else while looking for Simian Yin Organ gems.

These little kemono monkeys are also spotted near the fort’s damaged palace in the middle. What you can do first is select a map to view small kemonos. After that, you will find the monkeys when you hover over the items.

The fight with these monkeys is relatively straightforward even though they have more health than the average small kemono. Battle them to the death, and you are guaranteed one Simian Yin Organ Gem per chimp you kill. 

How to Use Simian Yin Organ gems

You will need these gems to craft some important armor in the game. The armors you need them for are Ice and water-resistant armors in Wild Hearts. If you want to get many of them by killing Gemcast monkeys, you can reset the area by starting a mission and repeating the process.

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