How To Get The Roller Motorcycle In Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts has several ways for you to traverse its vast regions. You can fly using a Karakuri Glider for example but if you want to stick to the ground, you are going to need a Roller motorcycle.

This Karakuri is a larger monowheel contraption that you can use to cover large distances quickly, especially when tracking prey.

However, much like most of the other Karakuri in Wild Hearts, the Roller is going to be locked at the start of your adventure. You need to make enough progress before unlocking the ability to build yourself a Roller motorcycle.

How to build a Roller motorcycle in Wild Hearts

In order to get the Roller mount in Wild Hearts you will first have to face and defeat Deathstalker. These are ice wolf-type Kemono that travel in packs to hunt their target. You will encounter them at the end of Chapter 2: Ancient Technology at Fuyufusagi Fort.

Once you have defeated and acquired the loot from it, you will get the notification stating that the “Roller Karakuri awakened”. This means that the Roller motorcycle has been unlocked and now you can create it.

However, to create this wooden vehicle, you will need to find a Dragon Pit. The reason is that the Roller falls under the “Dragon Karakuri” category. This means that it can be drawn from the nearest Dragon Pit. You can find these along the way but remember to unblock them first, after which you can use them with ease.

To create the Roller motorcycle you will need at least 40 fire to construct it. You can procure these from the Dragon Pits although it’s not too easy as you will have to resort to means like farming “fire” from these as well.

Once you complete building this vehicle you will have to interact with the Roller Dragon Karakuri stand to release the Roller Motorcycle for your use.

This vehicle is not as fast compared to the Flying Vine or Glider but covers a decent distance for you. It can take a beating up to a certain level but keep in mind that the Roller mount can break easily if you come in contact directly with a giant Kemono.

So it’s best to move on a clear path and move quickly toward your desired location using the Roller in Wild Hearts. It is a unique experience for you to travel in and makes the game altogether more interesting to play as well