Wild Hearts Onyxshard Boss Guide

Onyxshard is another kemono in Wild Hearts that comes from a line of monsters that relies on Earth’s attributes to eliminate their foes.

The creature can perform the same attacks as Goldshard, unleashing its rock-hard spines toward its prey. But Onyxshard can even conjure rocks out of the ground. To beat this monster, you need to understand how the creature operates at its total capacity.

You still need to inquire about all the combat potential and attacks of this Wild Heart Boss to prepare for the battle fully. Before getting into the details of Onyxshard, let us look into the areas where we can come across this Giant Kemono in Wild Hearts.

Onyxshard location

You can find this Kemono by exploring the Harugasumi Way area during Chapter 4. It is the same region where other Wild Hearts Bosses, such as the Earthbreaker, breed.

You need to search the Crystal-Clear River and Brook Stepping Stones to find Onyxshard in Wild Hearts. There’s also a possibility of coming across this creature during your visit to Fuyufusagi Fort. This area is primarily known for many Kemonos, including Icetusk, Fumebeak and Ripclaw.

Onyxshard weaknesses

The Onyxshard is one such Kemonos, which shows complete resistance against two attributes. You cannot bring down this creature using Fire or Earth attributes.

This narrows downs your options of attributes and weapons, making you choose between alternatives. This Kemono receives the least amount of effect from Ablazed ailment. You have to rely on other ailments in this regard.

When it comes to physical effectiveness against Onyxshard, you must equip weapons that let you perform Plummed or Lunged attacks. These attacks are the most effective and allow you to inflict massive damage. Additionally, use Wind or Wood attributes, as these are the major weaknesses of this creature.

For the ailment, you can select any except the Ablazed one. All other ailments, including Poisoned, Fatigued, Frozen and Entagled, allow the same effectiveness against the beast.

The Onyxshard soft part is the head, followed by its tail. You should always avoid concentrating your attacks on its body. The softness of the body is your go-to place during these combats, so do not waste your stamina and attacks on other parts of the body.

How to defeat Onyxshard in Wild Hearts

You need to start your combat by having the right weapon and attributes. Take Fire and Earth out of the equation and use Wood or Wind to create the most significant impact in the fight.

The right set of weapons for Onyxshard is the one that allows you Plummed or Lunged attacks. Choose your gun wisely before starting the combat. Meanwhile, choosing Moyota Armor Set will give you defense against all the Earth attributes attacks.

Target Onyxshard Soft Spots

The soft spots of every Kemonos allow you to end the fights quickly if you land perfect hits and combos on those spots. You need to aim for the head, but it sometimes gets challenging to get that close. So you can benefit from the large Onyxshard tail and concentrate your attacks there.

Use Spring Karakuri

You need to utilize Spring Karakuri to protect yourself against the Charge attacks from this monster. The creature roars before making these attacks, so you must decide whether to dodge it or use the Karakuri to escape it.

You can also use the same Karakuri against the Laying Spine Thrust attack of Onyxshard. The creature lies on the floor before unleashing its huge spine towards you. This attack is effective in short-range, so you must increase your distance for protection.

Learn how to defend Onyxshard attacks

The Furious Spine, Rolling and Spine volley attacks can be completely nullified if you place the Spring Karakuri and Shield Wall Karakuri at the right time. You need to wait for the creature to initiate these attacks by carefully watching its movement. Predict the timing and place these utilities to win the combat with ease.

You need to look for the Tail Slam while attacking its tail. The tail is the soft part of the body, which makes you attack the tail more. You need to look for this attack as the monster lifts its tail and slams the ground, knocking you down and causing damage.

Trap Onyxshard using Chain Trap Karakuri

The Onyxshard attacks using different angles and keeps moving to other places, so place down the Chain Trap Karakuri to keep it trapped in a single place. Unleash your attacks after trapping the Onyxshard to make a quick end of the creature and earn your rewards.

Onyxshard materials and drops

You can gain different amounts of rewards that can prove to be very fruitful for you during your adventure against the other Wild Hearts Bosses.

  • Giant Kemono Essential Oil
  • Giant Spring Dust Crystal
  • Onyxshard Mass
  • Onyxshard Rock Claw
  • Onyxshard Rock Incisor
  • Onyxshard Spine
  • Onyxshard Tail
  • Spinous Onyxshard Hide
  • Sunrise Princess Kemono Blood
  • Sunrise Princess Teardrops

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