How To Heal And Recover Health In Wild Hearts

The first thing players want to find out after starting any game – especially monster hunters like Wild Hearts – is how to heal and recover health. This is a crucial mechanism, without which you won’t be able to survive for long.

You start every fight off with full Health. As you get hit during combat, a portion of that health is lost depending on the strength of the attack. Once your health runs out, you will die and have to start all over.

Whether you’re wearing the best armor or wielding the best weapons, you will always take damage and need to heal at one point or the other to survive.

Luckily, Wild Hearts allows you not one, but two different ways to heal, helping you hunt easily. Read on to learn more about how to heal and recover health (HP) in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts healing items and locations

A general tip for hunts is to always eat some food before you go on one. Food can grant you a couple of health boosts, which will disregard (for the most part) the need for healing up often mid-fight.

When you do want to heal, remember that there are two ways to do so. The first way is to drink Healing Water, and the second way to heal is by using the Healing Mist – although it doesn’t recover as much health as the former.

Healing Water

Healing water is the main thing you would use to heal yourself in Wild Hearts. Although the Healing Water does offer a huge portion of health recovery, it also comes with an adverse effect.

As you drink the Healing Water mid-combat, your movement will become restricted, and you will start to walk slowly. Even though it lasts a few seconds, that time is still enough for your enemy to land a hit.

Hence, you need to use this item wisely and make sure you’re in a safe spot before using it. Moreover, you will only be able to carry 10 vials of Healing Water – so make sure you stock up before each hunt.

You can get the Healing Water vials from the small, green, glowing plants you see in the world around you. You can often find them along the edges of paths.

To use Healing Water, you can press the UP button on the D-Pad if you’re either on the XBOX or the PlayStation platform or press the Q key if you’re on PC.

Healing Mist

You can unlock the Healing Mist after you find a Tsukomo. Tsukomo serves as your companions and can be found in several parts of the world after you’ve played through the game a bit.

Apart from all of the different services they can give you, they can also heal you by producing a Healing Mist every now and then. This isn’t as effective as the Healing Water in terms of healing though, but the mist disperses in the air and heals you constantly for as long as it’s there.