Wild Hearts Goldshard Boss Guide

Goldshard is a giant creature in Wild Hearts that resembles a porcupine with huge spines on its back. It may look like a normal porcupine-like beast, but its looks can be quite deceiving.

To fight the Goldshard kemono, you will want to know everything about it and then make a strategy based on that info. But first, you must learn when and where you can find its lair.

Goldshard location

You will come across Goldshard or Koganebari as you explore Akikure Canyon. You can often see it wandering in the crystalline Winter Solstice Cavern or the Silverglass Plains.

However, this monster particularly shows itself during Chapter 2 and after, but not before.

Chapter 2 starts after defeating the Earthbreaker, Deathstalker, and a few other dangerous monsters. The difficulty level in chapter 2 is much higher than chp1 though, so it’s best to come prepared for a troubling fight.

Goldshard weaknesses

If you want to defeat this giant porcupine, you must learn Goldshard’s strengths and weaknesses. The Goldshard is an Earth elemental and is particularly weak to the Wind and Wood attributes, but is strong against the Fire and Earth attributes.

If you plan on using the Ablaze ailment, then that’s a bad idea because the Goldshard completely resists it. Other ailments like Frozen, Entangled, Poison, and Fatigued may be able to put in some damage, but they wouldn’t be as effective as they usually are.

As for the weak points on Goldshard itself, it would be a good idea to go for the head like usual because the head is its weakest point. You can also try for its tail, front, and hind legs to put damage it a bit, but don’t try to go for the rest of its body.

 It’s even better if you bring a weapon along that uses Lunge and Pummel attacks. If you use these weapons to attack Goldshard’s soft spots like its head, you’ll have the most amount of damage output per hit.

How to defeat Goldshard in Wild Hearts

Goldshard has a whole plethora of attacks. Although they don’t produce as much damage output as other major bosses, remember that Goldshard has both close and long-range attacks which make it highly versatile.

Goldshard usually uses close-range attacks against you, but sometimes throws spikes at you or charges heavily at you, which can be classified as long-range attacks. It typically tries to create some distance when it’s planning to shift to long-range attacks.

Focus on defense during its enraged phase

When Goldshard becomes Enraged in Wild Hearts, the spines that are thrown at you will deal a lot more damage than usual. Additionally, it curls up into a ball and rolls forward, trying to hit you with its spines.

Try not to attack Goldshard during this stage, because it’s only in vain. Wait out this attack and then counter it as soon as it finishes.

Not only for this attack but for all of the others, you must have great evasive skills and be able to dodge them right on time.

Target its spot spots

The main strategy will be to keep a close distance from the boss and attack it head-on, targeting Goldshard’s main soft part – the head. As you keep attacking Goldshard head-on, at one point it will try to move away from you.

At this time, you can expect it to launch its spines at you. Now you need to create some distance in order to dodge the attack. Goldshard’s spines do cover a lot of areas, but you can dodge them from afar.

Use Bulward Karakuri and Spring Karakuri

There are a lot of ways to dodge Goldshard’s long-range attacks, of which the most effective is the Karakuri. Particularly the Bulwark Karakuri works best to block the spines.

As for Goldshard’s other close-range attacks in Wild Hearts, remember to use the Shield Wall Karakuri to block them. This is because it costs less and takes a lesser time to build compared to the Bulwark Karakuri.

When Goldshard is enraged, his attacks will deal a lot of damage. For these situations, Spring Karkuri should be your first line of defense. 

To summarize the overall general strategy for Goldshard, – attack up-front, wait for a bit to let Goldshard attack, then dodge and counterattack until you win the fight.

Goldshard materials and drops

After you defeat Goldshard, you have a chance to receive a couple of amazing items and rewards. These include:

  • Goldshard Tail
  • Goldshard Spine
  • Goldshard Incisor
  • Goldshard Tail
  • Rare Goldshard Calculus
  • Veteran Teardrops
  • Veteran Kemono Blood
  • Small Harvest Crystal

Some of these items are the materials required to craft the Veteran’s armor set.