Wild Hearts Dreadclaw Boss Guide

Venturing through the stunning world of Wild Hearts, you will often come across a few fascinating yet dangerous bosses called Kemono. Most of the Kemono resemble beasts from real life – with the Dreadclaw resembling a rooster.

Considering that this Kemono is based on a mere rooster, you may think that it would be easy to kill – but you would be highly mistaken. Dreadclaw, as you would expect from its name, possess razor-sharp claws that could rip you apart in seconds.

Even more so with its shrills that launch shockwaves and the fact that it can soar in the air, Dreadclaw is surely a foe that will always keep you on your toes. However, this boss isn’t invulnerable, and you can still beat Dreadclaw provided you follow the right strategy.

But, before we begin on that strategy, you must first know where you can find Dreadclaw in Wilds Hearts.

Dreadclaw location

The Dreadclaw Kemono is only found at one location – the Spirit Isle, also known as the Natsukodachi Isle region, specifically in the Sal Tree Hollow. You can also find other Kemono like the Lavaback or the Spineglider here.

You are tasked to hunt the Angry Dreadclaw in a quest given to you by Ujinshige, right after you deliver the carpenters back to Minato. You will fight this beast after your second encounter with the White Wolf here.

Dreadclaw weaknesses

Defeating Dreadclaw can be quite a challenge, to make an effective strategy against this boss, you must learn of its strengths and weaknesses. The boss’s main attribute is Wind, so it will hence be resistant to that particular element.

It is weak to the Fire element though, so make sure you use that to your benefit. As for the Dreadclaw’s physical weaknesses, there’s only one – Slash Attacks.

The Ablaze and the Entangled ailments are also pretty effective against this beast, but it is strong against the Poison and the Fatigue ailments, so avoid using those.

The Dreadclaw’s soft spot is the head, but you can also target its wings and throat to produce quite a bit of damage. Its body and tail are also viable options to hit but try not to go for its legs because that’ll produce the least damaging output.

How to defeat Dreadclaw in Wild Hearts

First and foremost, you must bring along with you the best weapons and armor you can find in Wild Hearts. A weapon that has a longer range or one that has better aerial combos in particular will be most effective against Dreadclaw.

If it’s a fire based and a slash-type weapon, then that’s even better. Striking the Dreadclaw on its main soft part – the head – with this type of weapon will result in the highest damage output.

Focus on its soft spots

You will deal plenty of damage to Dreadclaw’s health pool if you target and hit the Weak Point which is his head.

Since this boss is fairly fast and mostly soars around the area, you most likely wouldn’t be able to get a clear shot to the head. In that case, you can also try to go for its body and tail to get a fair bit of damage off.

Learn to dodge and roll its attacks

As for Dreadclaw’s attacks, it is very fast with them and consistently tries to keep hitting you. Its attacks will be difficult to dodge, so good evasive and dodging skills will come in handy.

You will most often get hit a couple of times during this fight – and the boss hits hard. In that case, you can heal and recover health, but try to do that when the boss isn’t in a position to attack.

At the beginning of the fight, Dreadclaw will mostly use ground attacks, which mainly constitute clawing and pecking at you. Moreover, it will try to attack you head-on, so try not to dodge backward since you will get hit by its consistent attacks.

Instead, try to roll to the sides and make your way to the boss’s back to get the chance to land a few hits.

Even though Dreadclaw in Wild hearts has very fast attacks, it often loses balance when they’re dodged. It mostly uses the claw lunge attack at the start. During this attack, Dreadclaw first jumps and then charges at you, trying to slash you with its claws.

The beast tries two consecutive attacks like this but loses balance after it fails to land the second attack, giving you the opportunity to land a couple of hits.

The same goes for Dreadclaw’s other attacks which vary slightly – except for the sonic attack. This is a long-range attack where the boss launches a shockwave that travels forward and destroys everything in its path.

This attack is straightforward like most of the other attacks. Although it’s hard to see coming at you, you can still dodge by moving to the side. Once again, most of the attacks are head-on, so don’t try to dodge backward.

Use the Bulwark and the Torch Karakuri for its enraged attacks

After you damage the Dreadclaw a fair bit, it will move to a new area and enter the Enraged phase. During this phase, the Dreadclaw will mostly try to attack from the air.

These attacks will be very hard to counter if you don’t utilize the Bulwark and the Torch Karakuri. The Bulwark Karakuri is effective against basic charging attacks.

You will mostly use the Torch Karakuri during the enraged phase not only because it does high damage with the Fire element, but because by combining six of them and making a Fireworks.

These Fireworks will hit Dreadclaw in the area and cause a lot of damage, eventually knocking it down and allowing you to make the final hit.

Dreadclaw materials and drops

  • Dreadclaw Skin: by breaking Dreadclaw’s throat
  • Dreadclaw Corona: by breaking Dreadclaw’s head
  • Dreadclaw Talon: by breaking Dreadclaw’s legs
  • Ninja Teardrops
  • Ninja Kemono Blood
  • Small Kemono Skin
  • Zephyr Crystal
  • Spineglider Claw

Most of these materials can be combined with Spineglider materials to make a Roaming Bard armor set. They can also be used for a few weapon upgrades.