How To Find Demon Rocks In Wild Hearts

Demon Rocks are a crucial material for upgrading gear in Wild Hearts. You need it to progress through the game and beat enemies.

Wild Hearts will have you fight many touch enemies throughout your journey as you explore its vast open world. In order to be effective, you will need to gather resources that you can use to get better gear and upgrade your existing weapons and armor. One such material is Demon Rock, which is crucial for getting better gear.   

Acquiring Demon Rocks can be quite tricky for many players especially due to its limited spawn location. It is only found at one location during the entire game and is easy to miss if you don’t keep your eyes open. Here is how to get it. 

Wild Hearts Demon Rock locations

To get your hands on the Wild Hearts Demon Rock, you first need to complete the prerequisite of reaching Chapter 3 in the game. You then need to travel to the area called Fuyufusagi Fort which this chapter unlocks. 

In Wild Hearts, Fuyufusagi Fort area has these black rock mountains, and resources spawn in between its cracks. There is a path that runs alongside the mountain called Chilling Lane where you will find most of the Demon Rocks. 

To get there, you first need to get on the Snowy Otsuki Path from the Cavern Camp. After getting to Chiling Lane, you need to look for the nodes that have an orange hue in them.  

Generally, you will find plenty of Demon Rocks popping around between Chilling Lake and Permafrost Lake. Make sure to not progress to chapter 4 of Wild Hearts which will in turn replace the Demon Rock with Lightstone on all the spawning locations. 

Best way to farm Demon Rocks in Wild Hearts 

To be more efficient in farming Demon Rock, you can use the help of a device called Tsukumo Ore Shrine Karakuri. Using this Dragon Karakuri, you can automate the process of collecting Demon Rock. 

As you progress through the Wild Hearts storyline, you will collect orbs for defeating Kemono Monsters. These orbs will eventually become enough for you to unlock Tsukumo Ore Shrine. 

Collecting Demon Rock with Karakuri is an easy process as you just have to place it in the Cavern Camp near the Chilling Lance. It will then automatically collect Demon Rocks for you. This Karakuri comes at a storage limit of five, so you must check back and add Demon Rock to the inventory. 

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