Wild Hearts Cannon Weapon Guide: Best Combos, Skills, Builds

The Wild Hearts Cannon is the other long-ranged weapon in the game that allows you to demolish enemies using pure explosive power and intense projectile beams.

To unlock Cannon, you have to complete 1 chapter by eliminating the earlier Wild Hearts Kenomos and completing other essential tasks.

This weapon is a little complicated as you have to understand the two essential gauges that change the combat potential of Cannon. You need to put in a lot of effort to get hold of this weapon. However, this weapon can be the deadliest if used properly with the right set of skills in Wild Hearts.

How to use the Cannon in Wild Hearts

The Cannon does not have many manual inputs to attack. However, this should not be taken as a reason for the weapon to be easy to use in Wild Hearts. The Cannon has a rather complicated playstyle and requires you to have the right positioning and timing to do damage.

You must understand the two types of Projectiles you can use to inflict damage. The normal projectiles are great when it comes to dealing damage, and you need to stay mobile during most of the combat, so you do not get caught while firing the shots.

The other option in Cannon allows you to deploy Ki Bases. These bases are great as you restore your ammo while standing on them. You can deploy up to 5 of these bases simultaneously and move on them to keep firing and earning back your ammo.

Remember, it is never a good idea to stay still in combat as the Giant Kemonos can kill you in an instant if you get caught in the battle.

The most important thing to understand about Cannon is that you must immediately bring out the laser attack. The laser beam deals substantial damage per hit, and you can drain your enemies using this attack. You must repeat the laser attacks a few times to kill the strongest Kemonos in Wild Hearts.

One of the most important aspects of Cannon is keeping control over the Heat gauge. If it overheats, you will become vulnerable as your damage output will be reduced, and you’ll stumble in the fight.

However, if you get hold of the best Cannon combos, then no Kemono can break away from your damage output.

Best Cannon combos

The best thing about Cannon is that you do not have to learn tons of buttons to put out the most damage to your enemies. The best Cannon combos are a combination of using your gauges perfectly along with the basic hits. You just need to understand your Ki bases to bring out the best combos for Cannon in Wild Hearts.

If you use the Attack two buttons, your character will take a stance that fires an arching shot. You will fire one of the critical bases at the range, emptying your heat gauge. Hitting the Kemonos with your base will deal a good amount of damage.

You need to use the heat gauge level to unlock the strong Cannon attacks. Wait for your heat gauge to reach a higher level, and once you see the red flames coming out from your weapon, go for the Attack 2 key base mortar shot.

The shot will directly go toward the Kemonos and makes an impact to deal a high level of damage. The key base used in this shot will create a fortified key base, and you can see a red aura coming out of this newly formed base.

You need to stand inside this fortified base to unleash the new powerful attack. Press the special attack and attack 2 buttons simultaneously to perform the celestial thread charge. The Cannon will have a glowing blue aura, meaning you can initiate your strongest attacks.

Use this state of your weapon to its fullest. Press the special attack and Attack 2 buttons while your gun is glowing. This will allow you to take the Fortified firing stance, and you can fire a laser for as long as you want by holding the special attack button.

However, you should know that you cannot move during this stance, but the damage dealt through the beam is substantial, making it one of the strongest attacks of Wild Hearts Cannon against the monsters.

You can even absorb back your bases by pressing the special attack with the Attack 1 button.

How the Charge and Heat Gauges works

Learning about the gauges that make or break your plays while playing Cannon in Wild Hearts is vital. There are two gauges that impact your gameplay: the charge gauge and the heat gauge.

The charge gauge shows how much celestial thread is left in your weapon. If you run out of it, you can only fire one or two shots per few seconds. This makes you very weak in your combat potential.

As the name suggests, the heat gauge measures the weapon’s temperature. Every shot you take using Cannon will use up the celestial energy causing the charge gauge to fall by a specific amount. On the other hand, your heat gauge will go up with every fire.

If the gauge reaches the maximum level, you cannot charge your celestial energy, making you vulnerable during the fight. So you need to keep a close eye on both to end the battles against Kemonos in your favor.

You must combine Karakuri and your basic attack functions to stay on track with the gauges. You can use your attack one to create a base on your standing area. The key base provides you with an extreme level of celestial energy recharge. Your recharge goes above the usage level, making you extremely strong.

You can put up to five key bases on the ground and create something similar to a spider web. This allows you to move around, unleashing your gun power while staying full of the required charge.

If you feel any danger, you can leave the circle and return later as it stays there. You can instantly charge up all of your energy and bring havoc on the Kemonos.

Best Cannon skills

The best Cannon skills in Wild Hearts allow you to recharge your gauge quickly and improve your weapon fire rates. This means you will quickly reach the required heat threshold to bring out the most devastating attacks on Kemonos.

Some of these skills also allow you to reduce the charge usage, so your damage uptime increases during the battle. You can keep on spamming attacks without worrying much about your thread charge.

You can combine these skills to take your Cannon to the next level. Combining these skills with your best combos and build will make you a devastating beast for the Kemonos. Below we have given you the best skills for Cannon in Wild Hearts.

VolleyYour Cannon’s fire rate increases substantially when your gauge is above zero and helps you reach the heat threshold quickly.
Speed ChargeThis particular skill is excellent as it increases the regeneration rate of the charge gauge. You just have to stand to Ki Bases to benefit from it.
Thread ThriftThis skill allows your Fortified and normal shots at a reduced thread consumption. You can use the same thread for more hits compared to normal circumstances.
Speed HeatThis skill allows you to generate more heat per shot, reaching the threshold quickly. 
DesperationYou can increase your raw damage by equipping this skill, but you have to compensate for the increase with lower defense.

Best Cannon build in Wild Hearts

The best Cannon build is based on perfect balancing raw damage, mobility, and utility. You can take on any type of Kemonos with this build as you get the required ability to recharge to your gauge faster and reduce the usage of the charge while using highly damaging Fortified base attacks.

The weapon is crucial as you need one that can boost the damage output. You have to reach the threshold level of the heat gauge quickly to bring out the most potent Ki bases attacks. So go with the Tempest Cannon: Ano Zenjo and select the following skills further to enhance the damage and life of the weapon.

  • Nobusuma Cannon
  • Forst Cannon: Blizzard’s Battery
  • Ichimoku-ren
  • Hoard Cannon: Futen

The selection of talismans solely depends on your choice, but you need to ensure the selected items compliments the raw damage of the weapon.

You should equip talismans that provide you with skills that boost your damage to the next level. These talismans should focus on your Volley, Desperation and Hawkeye skills, which are essential to increase Cannon damage in Wild Hearts.

Without the right set of armor, this build is incomplete. In this build, our selected armor pieces allow you great utility as you get skills like Rude Health, Deaf Ears and Resurrection. It means you can survive even the toughest enemies by being careful and using the attacks at the right time.

Additionally, the armor set provides some damage-increasing skills, including the Hawkeye and Battle spirit. Your Cannon is going to be devastating for your enemies due to all these items:

  • Garuda Hat
  • Draconic Back Guard
  • Garuda Gauntlets
  • Draconic Body Armor
  • Wayward Brigand Boots

You need to utilize the Karakurisl to get the best build for Cannon in Wild Hearts. The Spring Karakuri allows you to perform an incredible movement, allowing you burst fires in front of you and build up loads of heat. The torch Karakuri changes the nature of your damage and allows you to build up the heat faster.

You only need to take nine shots during this stance to reach the state where you can use the special attacks to land maximum damage. The default number of shots required to achieve the same level of attacks is 17, so you gain great combat potential by torch Karakuri.

The most fun and exciting combination of Cannon is with Glider Karakuri. You can fly above the Kemonos and try to land more hits due to the higher firing rate on their soft parts, which in most cases is the head. The Wild Hearts beasts cannot even reach your height, so it gives a free pass to land damage.

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