Wild Hearts Fast Travel: How To Set Camps

Wild Hearts is set on a huge open-world map consisting of five vast regions for players to explore. Each region itself is massive which could make exploring far-off areas a huge hassle. This is where the fast travel feature that uses camps to jump from part of the map to the other, comes into play.

A campsite in Wild Hearts can be set up at various locations around the map by placing Hunter’s Tents. This serves as a fast travel point and respawn point that can be used to teleport to any Dragon Pit location.

In every region, you will have a Hunter’s Tent placed on the edge of that huge area so you will need to place a few more to improve your mobility and reach in that region.

How to unlock fast travel in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Camps can simply be set up by placing Hunter’s Tents which you can do by opening the Dragon Karakuri. The Dragon Karakuri menu can be found inside your Conjure wheel.

On a PC, the conjure wheel can be accessed by pressing your mouse’s right-click button while on a controller, you can hold your left shoulder button to do so.

After opening the Dragon Karakuri, simply search for the Hunter’s Tent and select it using your mouse or left joystick. Now hold the confirm button to place it at your desired location.

These Hunter’s Tents can only be placed at specific Dragon Pits where a sufficient amount of its Dragon Karakuri element is present. Each Dragon Pit has an elemental requirement stat relating to any one of the five elements; earth, fire, wood, wind, and water.

Placing down several Hunter’s tents is key for traversing the huge regions however you can’t do so unless you have sufficient Earth Dragon materials.

Tent building requires Earth materials whose supply can be obtained by expanding your Dragon Pits in the region. By expanding your Dragon Pits you will increase your production of Earth Dragon Pit materials which allow you to place more Hunter’s Tents.

Each Dragon Pit will either have a Red or Orange Icon, with the red indicating that sufficient materials are not available for the upgrade and the yellow one indicating that adequate materials are present due to which the Dragon Pit can be expanded.

If you have unblocked a Dragon Pit you do not need to travel to it to upgrade it. You can open the region map by pressing the M key where you find all your unblocked Dragon Pits. Bring your cursor over the specific one you wish to upgrade and select the option to Enlarge its view.

You can now upgrade this Dragon Pit.

How to set up Camps and Hunter’s Tents for fast Travel

Placing Hunter’s Tents to set up Wild Hearts Camps can be very resource intensive as Hunter’s Tents cost 50 Earth Dragon Pit materials to place at a certain location.

Even if you have upgraded and expanded your Dragon Pits to improve resource production, you may still find yourself running short of them when placing numerous Hunter’s Tents.

In this case, it is important to know that there are special locations in a Wild Hearts region that are designated Campsites. Placing a Hunter’s Tent here will only require 5 Earth Dragon Pit materials. This allows you to conserve resources and place more Hunter’s Tents in more locations.

Finding these areas can be difficult, however, as they are hidden zones spread out across every region. They are usually found in regions of higher altitudes or near Healing Water Springs, so you search for them in areas that fit that profile.

The good thing is that when you do stumble across such a zone, the game will notify you that a designated Camp has been found.

It is important to always make use of this opportunity to place a cheap fast travel point.  

After placing several Hunter’s Tents comes the question, how do you use them to fast travel?

Simply open your region map by pressing the M key and selecting the Detailed Map. On the map, little blue tents will indicate Hunter’s Tents and you can select any of them to fast-travel to that camp.

Hover over the camp you wish to fast travel to and press the confirm button to fast travel to that camp.

Why can’t you set up Camps at certain locations?

You may notice that at certain camp locations, when you try to access the Dragon Karakuri for Hunter’s tent, the option is grayed out and unavailable to place.

This is because the Dragon Pit has a limited amount of energy available that is not sufficient to build Wild Hearts Camps.

If a Dragon Pit does not fulfill the requirements that Dragon Karakuri demands, you are unable able to place it at that location. Even though Dragon Pits can be upgraded to improve their resource production, you can’t upgrade any to such a high degree that it allows you to place a Hunter’s Tent.

Only a handful of Dragon Pits produce enough Earth elemental energy to match the 50 Earth required to place a Hunter’s Tent.

Harugasumi Way is the first region that you explore, and it has a total of 13 Dragon Pits in the entire region. Only four of them produce enough Earth energy to allow you to place Hunter’s Tents there.

Those four Dragon Pits are Tavern Ruins, Giant Tree Trunk Camp, Tumbledown Hillside Shrine, and Windswept Plain.

Other Regions also have plenty of Dragon Pits available with Natsukodachi Isle having 13, Akikure Canyon having 12, and Fuyufusagi Fort having 13. However, not all of them can be utilized for Hunter’s Tents so you need to look for the ones that have enough energy resources to build one.  

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