Why I Left PUBG A Year And Countless Hours Of Game Time Later

Starting off with a bit of backstory. I started playing PUBG back when it was in early access. I was one of the early adopters and bought the game when there was no hype surrounding it at all. While I have seen the game grow and have noticed some things that have been fixed in PUBG that would bother me at the beginning of all this, the state of the game today is miles off where I had expected it to be.

Matchmaking Issues

It is common for me not to see characters of my squad in the lobby even after they have joined my squad. This is something very basic and should have been addressed way before. Other than that, at times the game will not start matchmaking even when all players are ready. I don’t know why that even happens but that is very annoying indeed.

At times like these, you have no other option than to restart the UI or to leave the squad and invite everyone all over again which is annoying when you have to do this over and over again. While I admit this happens only a few times during our sessions of playing together, this is not something that you expect from a game after a year, especially when you consider it has almost been 3 months since it came out of early access.

Hacker Infestation

The game is infested with hackers and it is very easy to tell. Back when you did not have the kill cam feature, you could tell whether or not someone had killed you using some kind of cheat or hack. Now that you do have the kill cam feature, it is much easier to hate on the game for not doing anything about the hackers that have infested the battlegrounds.

At times I have been killed by people that were not even looking at me. There was this one time when someone shot me with a shotgun from across the map, which makes no sense at all. While I take it as a challenge to kill these hackers, it is annoying as hell to deal with them in every other game. You work so hard and plan all the way through the game just to be one shotted by a hacker at the end. Needless to say, this is unfair.

It is amazing to see how the developers behind the game are busy introducing emotes and such nonetheless when there are major problems to deal with. Emotes do not add much value to the game and it the depths of battle you will never remember to use them anyways. The competitive mode, first-person mode of PUBG is rather popular as well and you can see half the emotes in that mode even if you want to use them.

Emotes are something that you expect to see in games like OverWatch and Fornite, not in PUBG. This is a poor choice in prioritization and in places where internet speeds are not good at all downloading an update for emotes is just a waste of time and data.

Lame Bugs

It is amazing to see how small things that annoy the hell out of people have not been fixed even after so long. I get damaged every time I land from the plane. No matter how perfect my landing is, I will still get fall damage. Dying from falling is another classic that has been made fun of over the internet and little attention has been paid to the issue. I do not see what developers are doing. Do they not have access to Reddit where they can see all kinds of shitty bugs and glitches that need to be fixed?

The game has sold more than 20 million copies and with that kind of money, you can hire the best developers in the world. Having that said, a game that came out, later on, has been able to beat PUBG with more players in the game, just because of better optimization and priority over what to fix first and less concentration on introducing features like emotes that add no value to the gameplay aspect of PUBG.

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.