Where to Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s update 1.5 brings a whole bunch of new content to the game, including new quests. One of these is available at the special orders board and requires you to get a Prismatic Jelly for the Wizard. This guide will tell you where to get prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Prismatic Jelly

To get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley, you need to fight Prismatic slimes so that you can pick up the Prismatic Jelly they drop.

The slimes are not easy to find, and since you have only 5 days to complete the special order, it might become stressful, but don’t worry as we detail how to get it below.

Prismatic Jelly Special Orders

You’ll likely first hear about prismatic Jelly from M.Rasmodius, the Wizard, who requests one at the special orders board.

To start the special order, you need to go south of Mayor Lewis House and accept it at the special orders board.

Note that players must have reached level 115 in the mines before accepting the Wizards’s quest.

Once accepted, you will have 5 days to locate, kill and obtain Prismatic Jelly from Prismatic Slimes.

Prismatic Slime Locations

The Prismatic slimes appear randomly at level 95 and then 105 and finally at level 115 of the mines.

Therefore, once you are on 115, you can descend and ascend back to let the slimes appear randomly.

Prismatic Slimes are quite easy to identify as they constantly change colors.

They are no doubt very rare, but fortunately, you will definitely get the Prismatic Jelly drop from these slimes.


After collecting the Prismatic Jelly, go to the Wizard’s tower and give him his gift to receive the 5000 G award from the quest journal.

After this, you need to wait for a day to receive the Monster Musk Recipe.

This will allow you to lure monsters in so that you can slay them and get benefit from the items they drop.

That’s all that you need to know about the Prismatic Jelly quest given by the Wizard.

Make sure you complete all other special orders on the board for maximum benefit