Where to Find The Elder in Stoneshard

Stoneshard offers a big place to explore for its adventurers; and for that it’s paramount that you go get yourself a horse. For this, you are going to want to find the Elder in Stoneshard; who will be giving you access to contracts in order to get a horse.

Where to Find The Elder in Stoneshard

The Elder assigns you various contracts; but for that you need to locate him first. You will first be told about him when Verren asks you to complete three contracts.

If you are having a bit of a trouble as to where to find this rather infamous elder, then make your way to speak to the barkeep to find out the whereabouts of the elder.

You will come to learn of his name, which is Odar and he can be found in the village hall near the market.

Making your way to Odar
Head out of the barkeep and make your way to the market where you will find a large fenced area housing some chickens with a distinctively large building next to it.

Head inside this building to see a bunch of guards asleep in bed and one sitting at the table. At the back of the room is a set of stairs leading to the second floor. Go up the stairs to the second floor where you will find Elder Odar.

Speaking to him, you will be able to gain the contracts you need to progress through the game.

For the moment, Odar only has 3 contracts available but since the game is in early access, who knows he might get more contracts which you can accept later on.

And this is how you initiate your first step towards owning a beautiful horse to explore the world of Stoneshard. Great adventures lie ahead for you and your trusty steed.

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