Where to Find Surtling Cores in Valheim

If you are looking to figure out where to find surtling cores in Valheim,  then you have opened the perfect page. This guide contains a complete description of all the locations where you will undoubtedly find Surtling cores in Valheim.

Where to Find Surtling Cores in Valheim

Surtling Cores are a very important crafting material and may initially seem rare. However, they are pretty common and you just need to know the right places to look for them.

Surtling Core Locations

Surtling cores can be found in good quantity inside Burial Chambers and luckily, there are numerous Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome. These burial chambers can be identified by spotting skeletons near rectangular stone structures.

So, patrol all around the Black Forest and look for these tombs. When you find one, venture inside and look around. You will see glowing red cubes on little wooden sticks in treasure rooms that are your Surtling cores.

While you’re hunting, you should consider destroying bone piles wherever you see so that the skeletons do not spawn from them.

As you advance in the game, Surtling cores will be found in the Swamp biome. You will have to defeat Surtlings over there, which are fire demon enemies; and highly dangerous poisonous Draugrs that can kill you in a single shot.

Killing a Surtling will drop a Surtilng core and 2x coal. As they are comparatively easy to kill, make sure to kill as many of them as you find to farm a decent amount of cores.

Moreover, you can also find Surtlings in Fire geysers and at Rune Stones. They are prone to water but are immune to fire damage. A good strategy will be to hunt them at night since it is comparatively easy to spot them at night due to their glow.