Netflix Original “What Still Remains” Copies Poster from The Last of Us

We are not getting any Last of Us movie anytime soon but if you are interested in something really similar then make sure to check out the Netflix original called What Still Remains. It was recently noticed that “What Still Remains” shamelessly copies from the original poster of The Last of Us. So it’s worth looking at.

As for video games, they are often inspired by different movies but something opposite has happened here maybe to attract gamers? Well, we don’t know. What Still Remains is a Netflix original and it’s available in selected regions. What Still Remains doesn’t seem to have a good rating yet. It’s based on a story of a post-apocalyptic world. Yes, that’s similar to the story of Last of Us.

The description of “What Still Remains” on Netflix is as follows.

Struggling to survive alone post-apocalypse, a young woman is offered protection by an unknown man, but his village may not be the haven she imagines.

Now a man offering protection to a child in a post-apocalyptic setting is something we have seen before. Right? Yes, the same story is one of the main reasons why most people loved to play The Last of Us.

Obviously, The Last of Us is not an original story. The Last of Us took inspiration from different movies and book but managed to pull it off perfectly.

Rob Trench, a consultant, and media coordinator recently took it to Twitter to reveal the poster of “What Still Remains” which looks almost similar to that of Last of Us. To me, it looks exactly the copy of The Last of Us poster. Though if you search it on Netflix now, the poster has changed. This happened a while back. Maybe they realized it was too apparent. Though, it’s very likely that someone behind the movie was really trying to bring The Last of Us game vibe to his movie.

That Tweet reached the creator of the game himself, Neil Druckmann. Neil Druckmann is a director at Naughty Dog. He wrote “Hold on… is this for real?” questioning the legitimacy of the trending poster.

Many are still confused. This could also be a result of the team being on a very low budget. It was later noticed that many movies in the past have had similar posters due to low budget. One of the best examples is “a shot between a woman’s legs” which has been used in a lot of movies.

As for the movie if it’s is good? Trench doesn’t think so. He said, “This is streaming on Netflix now if you wanna see what a really godawful TLOU adaptation would look like (IMO it should just remain as a game).” This Last of Us alike movie does have a good rating of 89 on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s worth a try. I couldn’t find it on my Netflix due to region limitations and differences so if you do, let us know if it’s any good.

Other than that we have The Last of Us 2 to look forward to. We don’t have a release date yet for The Last of Us 2. The game already looks great and the trailer that we saw at E3 2018 is worth a watch and will make you crave for more.

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