What Google Thinks About Stadia’s Competitors?

While speaking to IGN, Google’s Phil Harrison talked more about Google’s thought on Stadia gaming platform’s competitors. Harrison said that they want to make a bigger opportunity for everybody in the games industry. No one has to lose in order for Google Stadia to win in the gaming industry.

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are three main competitors of Google Stadia. Nintendo Switch is one of the bestselling consoles in the U.S. While PS4 sales crossed 100 million units. Xbox One is doing exceptionally well too.

There are two main reasons why Switch is loved so much, it’s portable, and it has tons of beloved classics. This is another reason why Stadia might just work, you can game on the fly, and it will have many beloved titles.

Phil Harrison, the vice president, and general manager for Google, who is also leading the Stadia product, spoke to IGN and said:

I don’t believe in order for Stadia to win that somebody has to lose. I think that in order to grow this industry and this thing that we love, which is playing games. If Google does this right we can make a bigger opportunity for everybody in the games industry. That’s what I’m committed to doing.

When Harrison was asked about his views on Stadia replacing other consoles, he had this to say

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Nintendo and Sony and [Microsoft] and Sega and Atari and name your other console.

We’re part of an industry, but we have a strong vision of the future. And we want to get to that vision of the future and bring a huge amount of opportunity to even more people.

Although Google Stadia wants to be the “it” place for gaming, it doesn’t want to replace its competitors. Google Stadia is definitely not a replacement for actual hardware and it might just be the next best thing, just like YouTube.