How to Upgrade Weapons in Weird West

This guide will uncover how to upgrade weapons in Weird West and what materials you'll be needing to upgrade them.

You have already crossed paths with enemies like pigmen, wraiths, and bears if you’ve just started your Weird West journey. To defeat these enemies, you’ll need upgraded weapons. This guide will uncover how to upgrade weapons in Weird West.

Requirments For Upgrading Weapons in Weird West

Like any role-playing action game, Weird West is packed with many adventures and enemies in the game. And as the game’s name suggests, there are undoubtedly many weird creatures that the players may encounter.

The players’ choices highly determine their journey in Weird West, and these choices shape the world as players proceed further in the game.

Although every new phase and chapter seems different, one thing that remains constant is the player’s weapons, inventories, and perks.

It is great to have your stuff stay where it was before, but it is also essential to know that it can be hard to move forward with the same weapons in the game as you did in the beginning chapters.

And this is where players need to invest some time in upgrading their weapons.


Materials Required

Considering the nature of the game, it is crucial players have a good set of weapons and armor by their side to survive and see another day.

And with unexpected enemies ready to combat you, it is a given that you need to start searching up for the requirements to elevate your weapons.

However, the game does not explicitly instruct how players can carry out the process of upgrading. And this is where we jump in to help you!

Before we jump into all the exciting stuff, it is important to know that Weird West weapons are assigned a tier according to their star ratings.

This means weapons with a one-star rating have the lowest efficiency and grade, and you can easily pick them up as you begin the game. Whereas as the tier goes up, so do the weapon’s performance and pick-up rates.

To upgrade a weapon, players need to have some material on hand. It includes nuggets and a pickaxe.

Nuggets come in three different forms: copper, silver, and gold, and each of them has its function while upgrading a weapon.

You can look around the areas for chests that may contain them or loot enemy bodies to find them.

However, the most promising way to acquire them is to grab your pickaxe and make your way to any underground mining area to mine them.

And if you are having a hard time finding nuggets, you can always smelt down an ore bar to acquire some. The function of the ore bar is either to be sold to a merchant in the mine to receive some money or to gain some nuggets.

Making an ore bar requires multiple nuggets, so smelting one entails receiving numerous nuggets.

Once the nuggets have been obtained, it’s time to see them. The amount and type of nugget you will need to upgrade a weapon depends on the tier of the weapon.

For example, one-star weapons need two copper nuggets, two-star weapons require seven silver nuggets, and finally, four-star weapons require ten gold nuggets.

Once you have all the required nuggets, you need to head to a blacksmith’s forge that can be located on a map by a hammer or anvil symbol. Once there, approach the weapon you want to upgrade and select an option from the screen.

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