Weird West Wanted Bounties Tips: How to Capture Bounty Targets

In this guide, we will provide tips and tell you each and everything related to Bounty Hunt Targets in Weird West, including how to capture them alive. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Weird West Wanted Bounties Tips

Players can seek out bounties for excitement and to earn extra cash. After you’ve finished looking for clues to your husband’s location in Greenwood Run, you’ll be able to access Wanted Bounties in Weird West. When you return to Grackle, you’re informed that if you go to the sheriff’s office, you’ll be able to choose your Bounty targets.

Fresh bounties are indicated by an orange crosshair symbol on the map. Accept the assignment by going to the board. Some boards have multiple bounties from which you can accept five at a time. The target will be highlighted on the map if you accept the bounty.

After agreeing, you will be subjected to a strict time constraint, with travel time being the most significant drain on that resource. When the target is taken into custody or is found dead on the ground, the timer ends.

Some bounties will restrict you to catch or kill the target but in case, it is not specified, it’s up to you whether you want to kill the target and or bring him in. But you won’t be able to catch every bounty target alive like Shelby Cross. Henchmen usually flank your key targets. As a result, a stick of dynamite can be used to sneak up on the group and ambush them all.

Weird West gamers simply need to approach the local sheriff if they want to bring back a cuffed boss or the contents of his pockets. To finish the bounty quest, turn in the proof or the target and collect the reward from him.

Killing the Bounty Target

It takes a great deal more effort to capture a Bounty Target and bring him into custody alive, so may just want to bring them dead. Choose a path, see what you’re up against, and begin firing.

Once you see that everyone around the Bounty Target is killed, loot the target’s body, pick the proof of the kill and turn it in to the local sheriff to claim your reward.

How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive in Weird West

As mentioned before, it takes more effort to capture your bounty targets alive. Only when enemies are caught off guard may they be knocked out non-lethally. Knock them out and arrest them by following the prompts.

You can take out foes by approaching them from behind while they are unaware. A popup will appear, allowing you to eliminate them. Holding this prompt will allow you to carry their bodies after they’ve been knocked out and bring them to the local sheriff to claim the rewards.

Bounty Targets who have been captured do not appear to try to flee. You’ve essentially turned them passive after you’ve shackled them.

You can also kill knocked-out targets by using a melee weapon without them waking up. If you’re discovered while trying to capture the bounty targets alive, this option will become unavailable, and you’ll have no choice except to murder them.

Capturing bounty targets while they are still alive earns you additional money from the sheriff. Although killing them is easy, bringing them in alive provides more benefits.

There is an additional aspect with live-caught bounties. Because they are imprisoned, gang members might subsequently release them and seek to track down gamers. This can bring a little suspense to the game because they can come to you for revenge, anytime and anywhere.

Tips on Capturing Bounty Targets Alive in Weird West

You can do a few things to increase your chances of capturing your reward targets alive. Here are some pointers on how to keep bounty hunters alive:

Use Quick Stealth Perk

If you want to capture bounty targets, you’re going to have to crouch a lot. The rapid stealth perk allows you to move quickly while remaining undetected. You can also increase the level of Quick Stealth Perk three times. 1st time, your speed will increase by 10% while crouching, 20% for the 2nd time and 40% for the third time respectively.

Use Surefooted Ability

The Surefooted ability of Across Rivers will allow you to go around unobserved and without making any noise because of its excellent stealth and capturing abilities.

Use Ambusher Perk

Use Ambusher Perk to enhance your damage against foes that aren’t paying attention.

Use Bows

Bows are completely quiet and generate no noise. That can help you take down your enemies silently from a distance.

Use Rifle with Sentry Silencer Ability

With the Sentry Silencer ability, rifles become exceedingly lethal. Your next shot is muted entirely with 200% increase in the damage that it will cause to unwary targets. When you combine this with the Ambusher perk, you’ll be able to knock out anybody who is caught off guard, in one hit.

Capture Bounties during Night

The greatest time to capture targets is at night when the majority of them are asleep. You can utilize the pause menu to wait for nightfall and then sneak in while they’re all sleeping.

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