Weird West Best Skills Guide

More isn’t always the merrier. Sometimes we must make a smart choice and only pick what is best for us. To help you formulate the best combination of skills, we bring you this guide where we will discuss everything there is to know about the best skills in Weird West.

What are Nimp Relics Used For in Weird West

In Weird West, every weapon and character has a unique ability that can be unlocked using a Nimp Relic. Nimp Relic is a purple necklace-like collectible spread all over the map and can be obtained by completing quests.

Every ability requires at least 1 and at most 2 Nimp Relics. Unlocked abilities do not carry onto the next character. They are lost at the end of every journey, although the unused Nimp Relics can be accessed if we recruit a character from a previous journey.

Best Skills For Each Character in Weird West

Every character in Weird West has unlockable skills that are specific to them. They can be unlocked with Nimp Relics. Following, we will discuss the special abilities of every character so you can make the smart choice when it comes to it.

Bounty Hunter Skills

Roundhouse Kick: A type of kick that deals extra damage and knockback for 20 seconds.

Shrapnel Mine: Explosive traps that trigger when an enemy comes nearby.

Charm: Kind of mind control which will make nearby enemies your ally for the next 8 seconds.

Quick Thinker: Slows downtime and increases your movement speed for 6 seconds.

Best Skills for Bounty Hunter

For Bounty Hunter – a class that relies on distance and stealth, Shrapnel Mine and Charm are the most useful abilities. Shrapnel mine will help you keep a safe distance, and Charm will give you some breathing room if enemies surround you.

Pigman Skills

Putrid Cloud: Leaves a puddle of poison on the ground for 3 seconds, damaging the enemy if they come near it.

Rubber Skin: Makes you a rubber man for 10 seconds, bouncing back any bullets fired towards you. The bullet can ricochet and hit the enemy as well.

Unstoppable Charge: Allows you to ram into enemies and deal 80 damage while stunning them at the same time.

Shockwave: Release a shockwave around the player in a small area dealing 70 damage to anyone in the vicinity

Best Skills for Pigman

For the Pigman class, Rubber Skin and Shockwave are recommended. Rubber Skin is an especially useful ability if you are not a stealth player and want to go head to head with the enemies.

Shockwave will give you the upper hand when the enemies surround you by dealing damage and making it easier for you to do the rest.

Devotee Skills

Yeb’s Fire: Summons a ring of fire for 8 seconds that can hurt both the enemies and allies.

Yeb’s Invisibility: Will make you and anyone close to you invisible while slowing you down.

Inun’s Strength: Summons a circle which will give anyone that enters it a 20% armor boost.

Inun’s Healing: Summons a circle that will slowly heal anyone who enters it for 10 seconds.

Shapeshift: This ability is unlocked by default, allowing you to turn into a werewolf, giving you a massive increase in speed, health, and attack damage. You can also eat dead enemies to regenerate your health.

Best Skills for Devotee

All of the abilities of this class are useful if they are used while keeping a distance from the enemy. If you manage to maintain a distance, Inun’s Strength and Healing are the star abilities of this class, giving you and your allies an advantage.

Protector Skills

Cousin Bear: Summons a bear that will fight alongside you for the next 15 seconds

Western Wind: Summons tornadoes that can move forward and toss enemies into the air. These tornadoes can also make use of the environment and deal additional damage.

Surefooted: Gives you a 25% speed boost which makes you stealthy by allowing you to make no sound while moving.

Thunderbird Strike: Summons a lightning bolt from the sky at your position, which will damage any enemy nearby.

Best Skills for Protector

For this class, Cousin Bear and Western Wind are recommended. These abilities will help you take control of the battlefield. Cousin Bear will help take attention off you while you can make a move. Western Wind allows you to deal damage even from a distance.

Oneirist Skills

Summon Wisps: Will summon three shocking wisps, which will shock any nearby enemy.

Shift: Allows you to teleport anywhere within the 8 meters radius while stunning any nearby enemy when you respawn.

Spirt Ward: Summons a magical shield that will absorb and convert any projectile into health for 8 seconds.

Astral Projection: Summons a clone for 8 seconds while making you invisible. Good for taking attention off you.

Best Skills for Oneirist

All of the abilities of this class are very useful. But if you had to choose, you should go for Spirit Ward as it will give you a massive advantage over enemies using ranged weapons. Shift will allow you to get out of a jam while stunning the enemy simultaneously.

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