This Week’s Hearthstone Brawl Invites You to the Masked Ball

The Masked Ball is returning for the second time since last year and is featuring as this week’s Hearthstone Brawl for those interested in attending.

“At the SI:7 mansion in Stormwind they have a grand masked ball every year,” reads the announcement. “Everyone is in disguise! When a minion dies, its disguise is revealed, showing the minion to actually be a different random minion that costs (2) less and ready for another fight!”

As stated, every minion played during this week’s Hearthstone Brawl will feature a Deathrattle effect that replaces the minion upon death with another that costs (2) less. However, if a card summons a minion to the field, it will not receive the Deathrattle effect. It will only be for minions played from a hand. In addition, a card played with the Deathrattle effect will not receive the enhancement when played again.

In that light, the deck-building for this week’s Hearthstone Brawl is important. Include as many Shredders and Golems as possible since they spawn two additional minions. Baron Rivendare is the most powerful card during this week since it triggers the Deathrattle effect twice on every minion.

Note that the reward for winning a game this week is a Classic pack. You won’t receive a card pack from Journey to Un’Goro since the expansion is scheduled to go live in just a few hours.

Hearthstone received a new patch yesterday to officially begin the Year of the Mammoth. It is vital that players quickly update their clients in order to receive a free Golden Volcanosaur card. It is the last reward from the developer’s daily login rewards initiative, which concludes later today. As such, the community has only a few hours remaining to login to their clients and receive the freebie to celebrate the new season. It is a really good card, with its double Adapt mechanic.

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