How to Equip Weapon Skins in The Ascent

Skins are a good way to revamp your overall look in The Ascent. In this guide, we will teach you how to equip weapon skins in The Ascent and kill your enemies with style.

How to Equip Weapon Skins in The Ascent

Like any other popular RPG game, The Ascent also allows the players to loot for weapons, cosmetics, and skins that you can apply to your weapons.

If you like a weapon a lot and have upgraded weapons in The Ascent to a certain level, you might want to give them the look that they deserve which you can with the following two methods listed below.

By Visiting the Gunsmith

Gunsmiths are marked on the map with a hammer icon. Go to the Gunsmith by locating them on the map and interact with the vendor there. You can choose to either upgrade your weapons or apply one of the collected skins on the weapons.

Choose to apply Weapon Skin and select one of the skins that you have collected. This will apply the selected skin on all of your weapons.

By Visiting the Grafter

Another way to apply skins on your weapons is to locate the Grafter. These are marked on the map with a DNA icon. Go to Grafter’s shop and enter inside.

Interact with the Grafter and choose Go in for Surgery option. From the menu, head towards the Style tab and select the Weapon Skin option.

Select the desired skin that you want to apply to your weapons and equip it.

Now that you know how to apply skins on your weapons, go ahead and add some cuteness to your deadly machines.

The Ascent Weapon Skins Bug

Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the game that removes weapon skins as you leave the game. What you can do to counteract this issue is to equip the weapon skin that you like the most so it doesn’t disappear after you leave the game. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed later down the line.