We Won’t Be Getting A Rainbow Six Siege Battle Royale Mode

Many Rainbow Six Siege fans were fooled yesterday when “news” came out from YouTuber ProdigioPete that a Rainbow Six Siege Battle Royale game mode would be getting put into the game. However, now that people have actually remembered what day that was, Ubisoft has firmly denied that those plans exist.

According to ProdigioPete’s video, where he said (supposedly on good word from an ex-Ubisoft employee) that not only would Rainbow Six Siege be getting a battle royale mode, but that numerous other game modes already in the game would be getting removed in order to “make room” for it. If you wanted to play the regular game, you would have to buy a Rainbow Six Siege Classic Edition.

On the one day of the year when news like that should actually be looked at before being believed, many Siege players didn’t think about it at all. At least one upset player actually complained to Ubisoft’s community manager Craig Robinson, who promptly shot down the idea. Robinson went on to criticize the player for not thinking about the news and the date, and even went so far to say that the idea of a Rainbow Six Siege battle royale mode was, in his words, “fucking absurd.”

Considering the popularity of battle royale modes right now (in addition to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, various other games like Dying Light are also getting Battle Royale modes), the possibility of such a thing popping up in Rainbow Six Siege would be interesting, but considering that the game is mainly focused on fairly small enclosed buildings rather than wide-open spaces, it wouldn’t really work properly.

Battle Royale game modes focus on a wide open area that continually gets smaller and smaller to push people together, but considering the already small size of Siege maps, a Rainbow Six Siege Battle Royale mode would only last around two minutes.

You can look at ProdigioPete’s April Fools video above, but if you still want a battle royale game mode, you can always get PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite to scratch that itch.