We Will Be Seeing Devolver Digital At E3 2019, According To Twitter Post

It has been announced that we’ll be seeing Devolver Digital at E3 2019, according to an official Twitter post from the publisher. Since Sony has already announced they wouldn’t be coming to E3 and EA won’t be having a press conference, Devolver can draw more interest to its own conference.

Devolver Digital is only a recent addition to E3 in terms of conferences, and has a style that’s quite different from other company press conferences, which are normally straight trailers and gameplay previews. Devolver, on the other hand, sprinkles its conferences with a variety of amusing skits, such as spending their first conference poking fun at the other attending companies.

Last year they did announce a number of games at E3 2018, such as My Friend Pedro (where you skateboard while also performing gun ballet), SCUM (a game by Croteam where you try to survive a prison riot), and most importantly Metal Wolf Chaos XD (where you take control of the President of the United States in a giant mecha as he attempts to stop the evil Vice President from taking over the country).

If we are seeing Devolver Digital at E3 2019, it’s likely that we’ll get more of the same this time around. While we don’t know if they’ll show off any games, we can still expect more things along the lines of their “new cryptocurrency”, Lootboxcoin, people exploding from excitement in their seats, and more.

There’s no telling if all of the different conferences that are still at E3 will get increased runtimes from the absence of Sony and EA, but it’s likely that Devolver will have more than a few jokes at the pair’s expense and other things that have happened in gaming this year.

At the same time, we won’t know exactly what we’ll be seeing with Devolver Digital at E3 2019, so you’ll just have to wait until E3 rolls around to see for yourself.