We Might Have A Lot To Expect With CD Projekt RED At E3, Cyberpunk Release Date?

We may have a lot to look forward to when we see CD Projekt RED at E3 this year, according to hints that have been dropped by the studio. CD Projekt RED are the developers of the Witcher games and last year finally unveiled their new game Cyberpunk 2077.

However, this is the first bit of news that we’d gotten in years about the game at all, barring various hints and other small glimpses and leaks of what all the game will entail. CD Projekt RED has said that E3 is a good time to reveal a bunch of stuff about games, and considering the gaming world has eagerly awaited the release date, E3 is the best opportunity.

Of course, that’s also not actually confirming that we’ll be getting a release date, and if we did there’s no telling if we’d get it this year or not. The game has been getting worked on for nearly a decade, but at the same time there have been a lot of changes made from the original vision.

There have been a number of gameplay clips, but like the one that was shown off at E3, despite being 40 minutes long, they have only been for the press to watch, barring a few people leaking them online. So at the moment, we’re having to take CDPR at their word. Though, considering what they did with the Witcher games, it’s not like we’re taking a huge risk that they’ll fail.

While this time we’ll only be allowed the run of one city rather than huge stretches of countryside like Witcher 3, considering how much CD Projekt RED apparently plans to cram into that city, we’ll likely still be getting a lot of content within it.

This year, having CD Projekt RED at E3 might have a lot of stuff coming, as the studio’s CEO Adam Kiciński has said that this is probably one of the biggest years ever for CDPR. Exactly what that entails remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll be seeing it when June comes around.

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