WB is Looking for People to Work on a New DC Comics Game, Man of Steel Game Coming?

Superman game has been rumored for a while but it’s something may soon come to light. According to a post on Facebook by WB, the studio is looking for a technical director to work on a new project. His responsibilities will include “expanding the DC universe in the interactive space.

There are rumors and speculations that the game in question is the Man of Steel. It is going to be based on Superman will possibility feature cameos of other DC heroes like the Green Lantern, Batman, and more.

Developing a Superman game is complicated due to how powerful he is. Balancing his abilities is next to impossible but if someone can do this, it is definitely WB and Rocksteady. However, it is not confirmed if Rocksteady is the developer behind this new DC game. But considering their performance of the Arkham series, they are the obvious choice.

WB Games Montréal is looking for a Technical Director to lead our team of programmers. Do you want to join a passionate team working on expanding the DC universe in the interactive space? Please contact our recruiter Maxime @ maxime.comtois@wbgames.com

Factor 5 tried to work on a Superman game but the studio was shut down and the project had to be scrapped. While the studio came back from the dead earlier this year, it is not working on anything related to DC. If there is a new Man of Steel game in development at WB, we should hear about it sometime next year.

Rocksteady has been silent about their new projects and said nothing after the release of Batman Arkham Knight.

Would you like to see a Man of Steel game? Can it be balanced right? Share what you think in the comments below.

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