Watch This Terrifying Tekken 7 Akuma 100% Combo Following His Nerfs

Despite patch notes taking jabs at the Tekken 7 guest character, the raging demon still has many reasons to be feared in the game.

In this video, Bryan is all set to finish the round with one last hit. However, Akuma bounces back by stringing a long series of combo attacks to unleash hell on his opponent. Akuma ends up dishing nearly 100 percent of damage in a single combo attack, wiping the floor with Bryan who before was almost at full health.

The video is interesting to watch for several reasons. Firstly, it arrives after Akuma was nerfed in version 3.8 because it was a bit too easy for even average players to execute 70-75 percent damage combo strings regardless of meter or where he stood in the stage.

Secondly, the video makes it look easy but such combo is a rarity in matches because of how it depends on various factors such as stage awareness, meter management, reading the opponent, and more. Here, Akuma had to dump his entire meter in the combo and was also near the wall in order to trigger Rage Art. In addition, his low health meant more damage from each attack.

As terrifying as the combo looks, it is extremely situational. Hence, it is unlikely that the developer will even think of releasing another batch of nerfs for the character. Nonetheless, it makes for great viewing and reminds us that Akuma can be a nightmare in Tekken 7 when he has a full meter.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2. Pre-ordering the digital version nets you an exclusive Tekken 7 theme alongside Eliza, the seemingly immortal blood-sucking vampire.

As much as the community has requested, Bandai Namco has confirmed that it will not incorporate any kind of cross-play support between platforms due to first-party policies on consoles.

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