Watch Dogs Legion Nigel Cass Boss Guide

In this Watch Dogs: Legion Nigel Cass Boss fight guide, we’ll be providing you a brief walkthrough of the entire fight and helping you bring him to justice and close off the True Colors chapter of the story.

Turns out the government has decided to bring Cass into custody, and he isn’t very keen on the entire idea.

Watch Dogs Legion Nigel Cass Boss

As a DedSec operative, you’ll be pursuing Nigel Cass into the White Tower headquarters in London’s Protectors mission, last of the Albion storyline and conclusion to the True Colors chapter.

Nigel has holed himself up in the White Tower headquarters, refusing to turn himself in.

It is your duty to bring him in, but before you head into battle make sure you pick an operative efficient for combat.

Destroy Nigel’s Prototype

After you’ve taken the elevator down, Nigel will reveal his formidable prototype.

Things can get a bit tricky, so you might want to stick close and follow some of our tips to help you better get through the fight.

Nigel can’t be hurt immediately, and you will have to perform a complete Network Bypass on the right.

Be careful of Albion guards coming at you along with the prototype. We recommend getting behind some viable cover and whipping out the Spiderbot to perform the Network Bypass.

For the first phase of the fight, you can take out your Spiderbot and attempt to solve the puzzle, as the drone won’t do much except shoot over your head while you’re in cover.

Be vigilant of any guards coming at you as they will still be able to make their way to you every once in a while.

Once you’ve performed the Network Bypass, the prototype will be defenseless. Shoot at the obvious weak-spots of the prototype which should be glowing orange.

Aim and deal damage only to these spots to deal a large amount of DPS. However, after a little while the prototype will become invulnerable yet again.

Perform the second Network Bypass, and Nigel Cass will become vulnerable again.

Deal as much damage as you can again, and he will become invulnerable again and enter the next phase of the fight.

Staying immobile is not an option now, and cover won’t do you much good.

Cass will now be firing missiles at you, and you can predict the trajectory with the red laser and circle on the ground; dodge before it’s too late!

Perform the final Network Bypass, which goes from the middle, to the left corner at the back. After finishing it, Cass will be vulnerable, and you can finish off the health bar.

Defeat Nigel Cass

Cass is all but human now and will come to take you on himself since the prototype drone is destroyed.

Despite having some armor on and cloaking tech, he’s pretty easy, and you should be able to take him out quickly with a few well-placed shots from a lethal weapon.

As he drops dead, a cutscene will initiate and Nigel Cass will no longer be a threat to the people of London.

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