Watch Dogs Legion London Rising Walkthrough

In our Watch Dogs Legion London Rising guide, we will walk you through all the three missions that make up the London Rising chapter of WDL.

Watch Dogs Legion London Rising

In this guide, we will take a look at Watch Dogs Legion’s London Rising Chapter.

We will discuss complete walkthroughs and tips for all the missions in this chapter. There are a total of three main missions in this chapter.

These are:

  • DedSec Party
  • The Face of the Enemy
  • Hard Reset

We will discuss walkthroughs for this one by one. Let’s get started:

DedSec Party

In this section, we will take a look at the first mission of the London Rising Chapter.

When you complete London’s Protectors you will be transported back to the DedSec safehouse, and your next task is to have a chat with multiple people in the safehouse.

This is because Nigel Cass is taken care of, and Hamish Bolaji finally wants to take a look at the safehouse.

Everyone is happy that Nigel Cass is gone. These are the characters that you have to talk to:

  • Hamish Bolaji
  • Nowt
  • Kaitlin Lau
  • Richard Malik

Out of all of the conversations, the one with Richard will be the most useful.

He tells you that you should look with DedSec because you still haven’t figured out where Zero-Day initiated from.

After conversations with all the people mentioned above, you will need to have a chat with Bagley.

While chatting with Bagley, Zero-Day will hack into the DedSec network and reveal their identity, and after that cutscene, you and Bagley will track the signal source and then leave the safehouse.

This will complete this mission.

From here, we will move on to the next mission.

The Face of the Enemy

When we are done with the DedSec party, the next mission is to go to the location that we got after tracking Zero-Day’s signal.

When you get to the mission marker, the next step is to follow a Van present there to close in on the signal.

Tips for the Face of the Enemy
You don’t need to get to a specific location by following the van, so just ram it on the side to make it pull over, and if you stay in range, the signal meter will keep going, and the signal will be traced.

When the source has been traced, you will get a location update from Bagley, which is the Stockwell War Bunker.

Follow the mission marker to get there but make sure you are not wanted by the Albion.

Let’s discuss step by step how to complete this mission.

Disable the Security System
Take the elevator after entering the bunker.

Make sure you chose a combat-heavy operative and then advance using the keyboard present there.

A puzzle will begin, which requires you to follow what it says on the monitors.

I don’t know if the orders are the same for everyone, but we will discuss what I did in the steps below.

Hack the Screens to Input the Code Guide
The first step now is to hack the screens. For that, you will need to number the screen from left to right down if you need these screens from 1 to 5.

The first solution will be 1, 4, and 3. After that, the solution will be: 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 5, and the last solution will be: 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 5, 1, 3.

This will unlock the elevator, and you will be able to head down.

Infiltrate the Bunker
Head forward, and you will come across mannequins and turrets along with some red blinking mines.

Trigger the mines using a Spiderbot or shoot them. Then either hack or destroy the turret.

Beware of the Spiderbots and just head straight.

Search Zero-Day’s Hideout
Look around the room to get Baglet more info on Zero-Day. There are four different points in the room that you will need to interact with.

Go to the couch, close by, and download the video log.

The log shows a DedSec Operative and Nigel Cass right before the explosion. Keep looking, and eventually, a cutscene will start that reveals who Zero-Day is.

The cutscene is a spoiler so let’s not discuss that.

Keep going towards the mission marker, and you will reach a computer that is running on a ctOS patch called Drool Britannia.

A cutscene is triggered, and after that, you will be following the traitor in DedSec but will be obstructed by Albion.

Bagley will clear a path for you, but you will need to save yourself from Albion till then.

Take out the Albion enemies and the turrets and keep moving forwards; otherwise, you will be stuck here forever as they keep coming.  Take the elevator at the mission marker and head out.

Finally, take out the rest of the Albion enemies and make a getaway.

When you have escaped the Albion enemies, the mission will be finished, and the next mission is the Hard Reset.

Hard Reset

The next mission is called Hard reset. Let’s take a look at how to finish this mission. Finishing the mission will end the chapter.

There will be a team briefing cutscene when you get to the location sent by Bagley to discuss your findings of Zero-Day.

The location given by Bagley was different for each operative for security reasons, and interacting with the mission marker will reveal a message that says every activity is banned until Hard Reset is completed or abandoned.

There will be a short cutscene with things that you already know. You will need to stop Bagley’s AI as it has the power to destroy Britain.

Follow these steps to complete this mission:

Reach Blume Tower
Get to the mission marker while being careful of the chaos that is being caused by the Drool Britannia update to ctOS.

Take the elevator at the Blume tower. A few guards will try to stop you.

The next step is to destroy three of the coolant pipes at Broca Tech. There is a drone present there that can be hacked to destroy the pipes.

Shoot at the red valve near the mission marker to destroy the pipes.

After that, you need to take the guards out and interact with the device so that you can overload the system.

Reach the Transmitter at the Top of the Tower
You will need to get back to Blume Tower and hack the router there. You will need to perform a Network Bypass. It will be a bit difficult.

After completing the bypass, hack the yellow outlined one and take out a swarm of drones in the process.

When you take out the drones, the Requestion Access meter will be completed, and you will be able to move forward.

For taking out the drone, I have four tips; hijacks, shoot, disable, and betray.

Doing these four on the drones will make it a walk in the park.

Let’s move on to the next step:

Destroy 2 Temperature Regulators
In this step, you will have to take out Bagley’s automatic defense measures. You can shoot them or just try not to trigger them.

If you interact with any one of the temperature regulators, the alarm will set off and reveal the location of the other regulator.

Destroy both of them to proceed.

Shoot at the red coil to destroy the regulators. The next step will be to access a service drone while being careful of the guards.


Disable 3 Bagley Servers
When you have accessed the cargo drone, the next step is to head to the middle and climb on it and fly to the three different Bagley’s Servers.

They are the glowing purple ones, or you can just follow the mission marker.

When you get to the final server, the objective will change to “Kill Bagley” and resetting the final server will kill Bagley.

The mission is completed at this point, and so is the main story. There will be some cutscenes and side missions when the credits are finished.

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