Ubisoft Is Looking to Breathe New Life Into WD With Watch Dogs: Legion

Announcement of Watch Dogs: Legions was amongst the many other games that were announced at this year’s E3. Ubisoft announced the release date of the game along with a short teaser of it. The release date for Watch Dogs: Legion has been set for Mar. 06, 2020.

Watch Dogs: Legion Screenshot #2

The game will be an open-world set in London where players can recruit NPCs. The game has said be having up to 20 different ‘narrative personas’ and those narrative personas all have their own lines written. The game has no central protagonist and the players will be recruiting their team members from NPCs. Players can even recruit enemy NPCs.

The Microsoft Store confirms that the game will support the 4K resolution on Xbox One X and stable frame rate. WD: Legion also features lethal weapons. It means that the news of it only having non-lethal weapons was just a rumor. In the game, you will be a member of the resistance called DeadSec. You are open to play as any character that means that you can play more than one character.

Watch Dogs: Legion Screenshot #1

You will be having two options. One will be “Game Over” which is a harder difficulty but we don’t know how much high it is on that scale since there are only very few games that actually feature a true game over. The second option is AI. Here you have to find someone to recruit and then you can play as that NPC.

Gameplay was also recently uploaded that was featuring a grandma doing them awesome stunts that actually took the community by surprise and humor. Even though that is not something you expect from gameplay, players were quite excited while seeing the gameplay and the anticipation also increased up to a notch.

The new changes that players are seeing around in Watch Dogs is making them a little skeptical since hope is really high this time. Especially now that we know that there will be an absence of the central main character. That is something that everyone is on board to watch. Nothing can really be guessed or said truly about the game right at this point but as far as the updates are going, the game is looking more and more promising.