Watch Dogs Legion ETO Farming Guide

In this Watch Dogs Legion ETO Farming guide, we’ll tell you how you can farm lots of ETO so you can kit your characters with your favorite outfit.

Watch Dogs Legion ETO Farming

ETO in Watch Dogs Legion is only used for cosmetics such as clothes and weapon skins. Some clothes can get really pricey, and it can seem daunting to raise up a good amount of ETO.

That is where our ETO farming guide comes in to help you earn money in WD Legion.

Recruiting Characters

Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion have recruitment quests that you can complete to get some ETO and they’re usually pretty simple objective wise, so they’re well worth the effort.

Recruit and use operatives like the broker when you set out on farming ETO as they provide a passive increase in ETO gained. This way, you’ll get more ETO gained for your time spent playing.

Story Missions

You will get ETO by just playing through the main storyline or going through the side quests as you progress in the game and expand the map.

To see what rewards you have earned by missions, you can simply go over the name, and you will see everything you have.

ATM Hacks

You will see many ATMs dotted all around London. You can hack these ATMs and get some ETO.

A single ATM will not give you much ETO, but if you are short on it or want to get some quick, you can visit a few ATMs and hack them to make some quick ETO.

Hacking Skimmers and Safes

Like Tech Points, ETO skimmers are all around the open world and you can find them behind buildings or rooftops or hidden in boroughs.

Just locate those skimmers and hack them to get the money inside. The skimmers are easy to find in the open world, while the safes are difficult but may reward you more.

You will find safes locked away hidden in some shops or very high-security buildings or restricted areas. Just go to safes and hack them to get the ETO inside.

ParcelFox Delivery Service

As the name suggests, you can do this parcel delivering all around London and get paid for it.

You will do the delivery service under Fox Courier Service and choose from Timed, fragile, and contraband options.

There will be different terms and conditions for each type of delivery and after the delivery, you will get a paycheck of ETO