How to Get El Rubius Prestige Operative in Watch Dogs Legion

In this guide, we will tell you exactly How to Get El Rubius Prestige Operative in Watch Dogs Legion and boost your pool of freedom fighters with a truly powerful operative in WDL.

Watch Dogs Legion El Rubius Prestige Operative

In Watch Dogs Legion, players can play as a number of different operators in their quest to liberate the city from the rule of the oppressive military.

In Watch Dogs Legion, there are many different types of operators that can be found and recruited in your team and the type of operators range from common citizens to advanced characters with abilities that will help you in your missions.

There is a special class of operators as well, which is called the ‘Prestige Operative’.

The Prestige Operatives have unique abilities and outfits, but in order to get them, you will have to spend real money.

There is, however, a free Prestige Operative that can be recruited in your team. It is El Rubius, and in this guide, we will explain how to El Rubius Prestige Operative in Watch Dogs Legion.

The El Rubius Prestige Operative

In order to get El Rubius operator in Watch Dogs Legion, you will need to redeem the following code.


To enter this code, head to Watch Dogs: Legion Redeem Page.

Here it will ask you to enter a redeem code in order to get exclusive in-game content for Watch Dogs: Legion. Enter the code we have given above and then proceed.

It will then ask you for your account credentials in order to register the Operator to your account.

Make sure that you use the account in which you have the game or on which account you plan to buy it later.

Once you have successfully logged in using your account credentials, you will see a page saying you have successfully claimed El Rubius Operator.

Next time you start up the game, El Rubius will be present among your other operators.

In the game, El Rubius’ character description is that he is a Livestreamer by profession who “participates in covert otaku activities.”

He wields a Paintball Gun as his main weapon, and the rest of his equipment includes a Studded Truncheon for melee and a Camera Drone.

An avid fan of FPS games, specially Competitive CSGO