Watch Dogs Legion Character Breadth Evolved From Original Game

The main marketing point of the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion is that you’ll be able to play as anyone on the London streets that you can see, from cab drivers to grannies to actual hackers. But what exactly brought on this ability to take control of any Watch Dogs Legion character?

According to Clint Hocking, creative director of the game who held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Watch Dogs subreddit several days ago, the concept for being able to play any rando off the street evolved from the original Watch Dogs, chiefly what people had the most fun with: the other NPCs.

In the original Watch Dogs game, you could briefly hack into the phones of other NPCs, seeing their name, face, occupation, yearly wage, and a fact about them. This inspired Ubisoft to take that concept to the next level, fleshing out all of these characters to have lives beyond DedSec.

Considering that Watch Dogs Legion character types can range from motorcycle couriers to cab drivers to old grannies, that definitely seems to be fitting so far, especially considering that players can use the multiple different characters to overcome various challenges.

For instance, a construction worker can get into a construction site no problem, an employee of private military company Albion with high security clearance can do the same, and, be honest, who’s going to stop a grandmother from going anywhere?

The escalation in character numbers is also an upgrade from previous games. Where the original Watch Dogs had one hero, and Watch Dogs 2 had a team, any Watch Dogs Legion character that you pick is part of London’s population, meaning you can see the entire city as being on your side.

Watch Dogs Legion is slated to be coming out on October 29 of this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and will likely be ported to the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 when those two release, so there’s not much longer to wait.