Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Angel Lopez Missions Guide

In this Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Angel Lopez Missions guide, we’ll help you complete the entirety of Angel Lopez Resistance Missions with Aiden Pearce to unlock upgrades for the character.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Angel Lopez Missions

Angel Lopez Resistance Missions are a part of Angel’s Requests and you’ll have to complete four of them in the Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline DLC.

  • Bloody Knuckles
  • Lay Off, Buy Up
  • Vigilance
  • Guardian Angel.

Bloody Knuckles

Bloody Knuckles will be the first Resistance mission you’ll take part in. During the mission, you must pay Angel Lopez a visit since he knows the suspect who kidnapped the gym owner. Now it’s your (Aiden) job to find her. You’ll find Angel at the parking area near a black colored bike. Talk to him to get information about the missing gym owner.

Access the Gym’s Security Footage

Once the interaction is over, you must head over to the Euston Station however, the door to the gym is locked. Next to the main entrance of the training facility, there’s an orange-colored pipeline going upwards. Climb it to reach the upper floor and reach the parallel side of the area where you’ll find another pipe on the wall with Graffiti on it.

Climb the pipe, head right, jump over the machines blocking the way to reach the ctOS Hub. Now all you need to do is deploy the Rootkit and get access to the gym’s security footage.

Enter the BKL Arena

Next location is at the Camden Market where you need to enter the Bareknuckle Arena. Head into the alley left to the wall with graffiti on it to find the bareknuckle boxing club. Enter the club and win the tournament by defeating the boxer known as Sonia Mayfield.

Free the BKL Fighters

Once the tournament is over, head outside to talk to Sonia the boxer, and rescue the three boxers held hostage by Clan Kelley.

Head up the stairs right of the boxing club to find a compound with a red-colored devil logo on its wall. Use the Multidrone gadget to take a view as to where the boxers are kept.

Once found head inside the compound through the main entrance and climb up the pipe on the right to climb up to the rooftop and take down some enemies.

Go to the building where the boxers are kept, take down the guards there, and free all three BKL boxers, and get rewarded with the Chase Drone Hacks.

Lay Off, Buy Up – Angel’s Request

Your second Resistance mission for Angel’s Request where you must expose the company that kicked out its employees from their company-funded housing. Start off by talking to Angel at Kennington Park.

Access the Apartment’s Internal Network

Head to the Lambeth Towers and head past the Mowles. Use the Multidrone to hijack the security cameras. Use the drone to disrupt the connections in progress. Once done, head out of the area and approach the automated gate which opens for you when you reach it.

Once inside, kill the guards securing the rooftop. Climb the orange pipeline above the front building and take out more guards on the upper floor.

Find the ctOS hub and deploy the Rootkit to get access to the live streaming. Once in, download the Clan Kelley Data. Escape the building after retrieving the data and head to the Shad Thames Plaza.

Hack the Server for Information

At the Shad Thames Plaza use the Drone to retrieve the data from the server. Once the data is hacked, use the drone to head inside the facility and destroy all the backup servers by simply blowing them up. The backup servers are located all around the facility mostly guarded by security. Once destroyed, you’ll be rewarded with the Riot Drone Hacks.


A Powerful Albion faction has taken control over London and is now taking hostages, few of them happen to be Angel’s Friends. Start the mission by talking to Angel at the University College London.

Hack the Data Base to Find Angel’s Friends

Head to the Albion Internment Centre and call for your Cargo drone. Hop on the drone and find a hijackable security camera on the Center building and retrieve the data from the hackable Encrypted Laptop.

Once the database is hacked, you need to unlock all doors. Use the Multidrone to hijack the locked circuit terminals. After unlocking all cell doors, it’s time to find Angel’s friends; they’re found in the parking area of the center.

Next up is Photographing the bodies for which you must use your camera’s zoom-in lens to capture the footage of the bodies inside of the garage. Turns out Angel’s friends have been killed so you need to get out of there before your drone gets detected.

Deliver the Evidence to Claire Waters

Head to the Camden Market and deliver the Evidence to Claire. You’ll find her at the main entrance of the market. Simply talk to her and discuss the illegal activities in the city caused by the Albion Officer. Once the interaction is over, you’ll get rewarded with 1,000 ETO.

Guardian Angel – Angel’s Request

Instead of finding Angel for an assignment, Aiden finds him in trouble. You must rescue him before it’s too late. Head to Windrush Square to find Angel being missing. He’ll let you know his surrounding as to where is his kept by the Albions.

Access the Arrest Records

Once at the Albion Station Kennington, you’ll be at the lockup. Head up the pipe taking you to the train tracks above. Climb up the top of the Albion Station (a budling above the train tracks with an Albion Logo). Take out the guard securing area and head inside the compartment with “No Unauthorized Access” written on it.

Head up the stairs on the left and access the Data from the CTOS left to the stairs. Once the data is downloaded, escape the area.

Infiltrate the EPC to find Angel

You’ll find out that Angel has been kept hostage at the European Processing Center. Visit the place and call one of the Cargo Drones flying above the train tracks. Hop on the drone and fly to the nearest cricket stadium now known as the EPC.

Once In, find Sara Khan and find Angel Lopez at Carcani medical clinic found in the area. After the conversation is over, hop on the drone and fly to the big LED board at the EPC with “Illegal Acts Will Be Prosecuted” on it.

Land on the first floor of the Score Line area. This area is restricted therefore you’ll have to make your way through a bunch of enemies. Take cover behind something and send the Multidrone into the small CTOS air vent and enter the non-restricted room next to the 1st Floor sign.

Inside the room, you’ll find a laptop. Download the evidence from it and escape the area. Make sure to park the cargo drone in such a place where you can easily use it to escape the area and Deliver the Evidence to Connie at the Brixton Arcade.

Deliver the Evidence to Connie

Connie is found at the Brixton Arcade. Once at the location, head right to the area to find her inside of an open shop. Talk to her and hand over the files to get rewarded with an AK-47.

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