Watch Dogs Drinking Game ‘Social Lubricant Guide – How to Play

Drinking Game in Watch Dogs asks you only one question: Do you have what it takes to keep your liquor down? Well, as Aiden Pearce, of course!

There are three seasoned drinking veterans in Chicago which can be sought out in bars spread around the city. These prodigal drinkers would take on anyone who would challenge them in a drinking game.

The rules are simple: keep your liquor down and stay sober for 11 drinking rounds. You doze off, you lose the bet!

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Watch Dogs Drinking Game

Drinking Game comprises over 10 Levels; the first 9 Levels have 5 rounds each, while the 10th one has 10 rounds. Once you have completed the 10th round, the last and final round begins.

You will see a whole bunch of button-prompts dispersed on your screen. These button-prompts have a white boundary around them which indicates a timer.

This timer begins running as soon as you press it. However, the length of this timer depends upon level of the drinking game.

The idea is to press every button-prompt before the timer runs out! Failing to press the button within provided time will result in your failure and losing your bet.

The game is, however, forgiving if you press a wrong button; you’ll still waste time on the timer.

Control and hover the cursor using the right analogue stick and press the right button to keep going. Also, don’t aim for perfection; you won’t be able to attain it. As soon as your cursor touches any part of the button-prompt, press it.

Since the game doesn’t punish you for pressing wrong button-prompt, you can mash your way through the final and more clustered waves.

The bar in Uptown has slightly different rules from what you witnessed in Downtown.

In Uptown Drinking Game, your target is to keep your cursor aligned with the targeted zone followed by pushing a button whenever it gets highlighted on the screen.

If the targeted zone reads ‘L’, you need use your left analogue stick to keep it aligned and if it reads ‘R’, you need to use your right analogue stick. Sometimes, the targeted zone will read ‘?’ and you will have use both sticks to check which one works for you.

Furthermore, in later rounds, the targeted zone will begin to move and you’ll have to keep up with it which is pretty difficult and demands a lot of practice.

The drinking game in Pawnee is most difficult of all the challenges.

Drinking Game in Pawnee has its own set of rules which are created by combing rules of both Downtown and Uptown.

Even the earlier levels in Pawnee are far more difficult than latter levels of other two bars. It requires both of your reflexive skills along with eye-head coordination to come out as victorious in this one.

Successfully completing all Drinking Games unlocks PileDriver Weapon and Social Lubricant Achievement.

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