Watch Dogs Crafting Guide – Components, Recipes and Tools

Watch Dogs
Crafting in Watch_Dogs is a unique experience which encourages crafting on-the-go.

Unlike traditional crafting system, Aiden doesn’t need a particular crafting station and only requires scavenging different crafting components.

Once Aiden has all the required components for an item, all you need to do is to open up Weapon Wheel and craft that particular item.

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Watch Dogs Crafting

There are a total of 8 items that Aiden can craft which can be used to gain advantage over his adversaries. I shall discuss all these items and how to use them effectively later in the guide.

Crafting Components

There are a total of 5 components that are required to craft different items (8 in total). These components can be bought from Pharmacies/Pawn Shop and can also be found scattered throughout the game world during different missions.


Cost: $200

This component is only used to craft Focus Boost and can be bought from different Pharmaceutical Shops scattered around Chicago City. This component can also be found during various missions in the shape of a small bottle with a white lid. There is no limit to carrying this component.

System Key
Cost: N/A
Carrying Capacity: 8

This component cannot be bought from any Pawn Shop and the only ways to obtaining them is either by hacking NPCs or by Online Tailing Missions. System Keys are versatile in their use and can be used to craft Blackout, ctOS Scan, and Jam Coms.

Electric Parts
Cost: $50
Carrying Capacity: 20

These are the most versatile components and can be used to craft a wide range of items. These in-expensive components can only be purchased from Pawn Shops, but can also be found during campaign missions.

Chemical Components
Cost: $100
Carrying Capacity: 6

Just like meds, these Chemical Components can only be used to craft one type of item, Frag Grenades. These can be bought from different Pawn Shops or can be found during various campaign missions.

Unstable Chemical Components
Cost: $250
Carrying Capacity: 6

The most expensive crafting components are used to craft IEDs and Proximity IEDs. There are thin chances that you will stumble across these components in campaign mode, but buying them is definitely worth it.

Crafting Recipes

You need to understand that few crafted items require particular skills to be unlocked before you could use them. You can also purchase these already crafted items from Tobias Shop if you don’t want to craft them yourself.


  • System Keys (2x) + Electronic Parts (1x)

ctOS Scan

  • System Key (1x) + Electronic Parts (1x)

Focus Boost

  • Meds (1x)

Frag Grenade

  • Chemical Components (1x)


  • Electronic Parts (1x)

Jam Coms

  • System Keys (1x) + Electronic Parts (1x)

IED Proximity

  • Electronic Parts (1x) + Unstable Chemicals (1x)


  • Electronic Parts (1x) + Unstable Chemicals (1x)

Crafted Tools

Carrying Capacity: 10/15/20

Like the name suggests, Lure is basically used to attract your enemies’ attention or to call them to a particular area. Other alternatives for Lure are opening security gates, attract phone, forklift, etc.

To use Lure, equip and throw it in an area where you want your enemy to come and then hack it.

You can throw them near explosives objects, placed IEDs, or under containers to take out your enemies more stealthily. However, you need to note that Lure cannot be used once you have been spotted by an enemy.

Jam Coms
Carrying Capacity: 5

Jam Coms have a number of interesting and beneficial uses. You can use it to evade police, disrupt an enemy trying to call in reinforcements, and stop a civilian calling to report you.

For me, the best use of Jam Coms is to stop police from searching you. You will often see Yellow radius on your mini-map indicating that authorities are in search of you. Simply equip your Jam Com and use to it disrupt the radius for a certain duration.

Another useful feature is during a heated battles when an enemy tries to call-in reinforcement. Reinforcement can be real frustrating so you can use this to your advantage during such situations.

Sometimes, civilians will see your commit a crime and try report you (if you have negative reputation).

During most situations, you can run to them and snatch their phones. What if you cannot reach them in time? Jam Coms to the rescue.

It is advisable that you have at least 2 Jam Coms at all times.

Carrying Capacity: 4

This is the item that has caused so much hype since the game’s reveal. The ability to cause a massive blackout in the city.

Now, although you can cause a massive blackout with this item, it is mostly effective at night since cops and goons can spot you in daylight.

This item disables all electronic items from 20-30 seconds during which you can easily plan your escape from goons and cops, alike. The blackout also causes some of the electric components to spark which can hurt your adversaries.

Also, note that since this item disables all electrical devices, you will not be able to turn Traffic Lights and make Blockers pop-up.

ctOS Scan
Carrying Capacity: 5

This is by far my most favorite crafted item in the game. With ctOS Scan, you would be able to tag all non-player enemies in an area.

It means that you won’t have rely on CCTV Cameras and Profiling to manually tag enemies. Just a click and every enemy will be right in front of you.

You will not only see their directions on the mini-map, but also see them through the wall. This item is particularly useful during infiltrations or in the areas where no cameras are available.

Focus Boost
Carrying Capacity: 5

Focus Boost can be regarded as equivalent to Michael’s special ability in Grand Theft Auto V.

This lets you replenish your Focus Ability and should only used when you’re out of Focus. With Focus, you would be able to slow down time and take out enemies on-the-go.

Having maximum Focus with some of these items at hand, you would be able to complete lengthy battles in slow motion.

Slow down time and find vulnerabilities in the environment for excellent results.

Frag Grenade
Carrying Capacity: 4/5/8

There is no one who doesn’t know about Grenades. These explosives detonate after 3 seconds of throw and you cannot over-cook them in your hands.

Use ctOS Scan to tag all the enemies followed by throwing a Frag Grenade can take out most of the enemies without much effort.

Aiming these grenades can be a hassle, but they can easily take out Enforcers.

IEDs and Proximity IEDs
Carrying Capacity: 4/5/8

IEDs are another type of explosives that can stick to a surface and explode once you hack them.

There are practically endless uses of an IED! Before we get to the uses, you need to know enemies will instantly know of your presence if you kill them using an IED.

If you are familiar with enemy movement, you can use an IED to take out a whole bunch of them. You can stick it to a vehicle getting inside a restricted territory and detonate it near enemies.

You can also stick it different surfaces and shoot them to cause detonation. Sticking them to explosive barrels will cause a chain explosions taking out a dozen enemies.

Proximity IEDs are practically same like regular IEDs that stick to different surfaces except that these are capable of detonating upon impact.

It means that you can place them in an area where you are sure enemies will stop and it will automatically detonate upon impact.

Some of the best places to place Proximity IEDs are stairs, open areas, and near explosive barrels. These are by far the best explosives for taking out multiple enemies and bosses.

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