Watch Dogs Cash Runs Tips – How to Play

Out of many Mini-Games that Aiden can play in Watch Dogs, Cash Run is an augmented-reality game which can be accessed both via his Smart Phone and Mini-Map.

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Watch Dogs Cash Runs Tips

Your task in Cash Run is simple: collect all Gold Coins (Sometimes, also the Blue Ones) and avoid Red Skulls. Depending upon your completion time, you’ll either receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. You must complete each track in minimum time to claim the best reward.

Picking up Red Skulls add +5 seconds to your total time while picking up rare Blue Coins subtract -10 seconds. Each Gold Coin appears after you have picked up its predecessor.

Targeting Gold Medal is a good thing, but achieving it is equally difficult. The game is so unforgiving that even picking up a single Red Skull will take you far away from a Gold Medal unless you stumble upon a Blue Coin.

Since the game takes place in Chicago, you’ll also need to evade pedestrians, traffic, and often cops. There are a total of 38 tracks and achieving a Gold Medal in anyone of these will unlock P-9mm Weapon. Put in some more time and earn three Gold Medals to unlock Blast Resistance skill.

The in-game variant of Cash Run always keeps on shuffling tracks based on your location. Tracks near your location will be displayed at the top.

Persistence and practice are the keys to mastering this Mini-Game. Here are some tips that are a must for clearing out every track efficiently:

Tips for a Perfect Run
Aiden is capable of doing a bit of wall-running before climbing a ledge which saves a lot of time than regularly climbing a ledge. Make sure to run at different angles and hop over your desired ledges.

Preparing yourself and clearing out different tracks is generally a good idea! It doesn’t hurt to repeat a track. Start a track and try to remember it followed by causing a bit of traffic jams so as to clear out your own path.

Furthermore, you ought to choose midnight (in-game) as your playing time. Why? Because there will be less people on streets and you won’t have any difficulty getting past them.

Since this game requires a lot of practice and memorizing the tracks, try and walk your way through a track instead of running it. This will give you a brief overview of what to expect from the track itself.

You’ll often find yourself in situations when you won’t be able to find the next Gold Coin. Note that these Gold Coins spawn at different locations (like over higher platforms and ledges). So don’t always rely on your mini-map and climb ledges and higher platforms to spot these coins.

Furthermore, the Red Skulls will give you an idea about the next Gold Coin. Remember that Red Skulls are always aligned ahead of the Gold Coins.

Free running always beats down regular sprinting! You should vault over smaller objects (whenever you can) instead of taking a detour. Also, don’t be hasty! Recklessly sprinting can result in accidently collecting Red Skulls.

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