Watch Dogs 3 Info Leaks Ahead Of E3, A Female Protagonist?

Ubisoft struck a good amount of gold with how well the first two Watch Dogs games have done. Now as we draw closer to the E3 2019 conference, some information leaks about the third installment in the franchise. The leak doesn’t confirm a Watch Dogs 3 release date yet, however. That’s something to expect at E3.

The leak came from a Reddit post that gave us a good gist of what Watch Dogs 3 is about. Here’s a basic gist of what the info entails.

Firstly, the game will be set in London. The timeline is set a bit further into the future and the environment will be more Cyberpunk than the previous two games. The London bit has been leaked in the past as well.

Secondly, the main protagonist in Watch Dogs 3 will be a woman named Sarah. She’s half English and half Asian. She also detests the drug ring of crime due to losing her brother to an overdose.

Sarah works for a counter-terrorist organization that specializes in Cyber-crime. Her objective is to infiltrate a terrorist hacker organization and find out who’s responsible for it.

Free-running and Parkour is also confirmed in the leak to be returning to Watch Dogs 3. The animations and transitions will reportedly also be smoother and more fluid. Hopefully, none of those stupid backflips from Watch Dogs 2 when you should just hop off ledges.

Regarding Watch Dogs 3 weapons, Sarah won’t be using any guns or knives. Rather she’ll be using non-lethals like batons and tasers instead to incapacitate her targets. She will also be able to traverse in vehicles as well as a skateboard.

The city of London is also designed to feel more lively than in previous games. This includes occasional mob riots forming based on events of the game surrounding you. You can then choose if you want to take part or not.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will release more information about the game at E3 2019, including a Watch Dogs 3 release date.

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