Watch Dogs 2 Sidequests Will be Connected to the Main Storyline

One of the main scourges of open-world games is that sidequests are mainly either inane collection sidequests that are only good for completion, or as time-wasters to get more resources or other sorts of rewards. However, according to Ubisoft Montreal, the Watch Dogs 2 sidequests won’t be like that.

If anything, the Watchdogs 2 missions that are outside the main story will actually feed back into the main storyline, so you won’t be stuck doing missions for no reason that don’t offer any sort of payoff. This is different from many of Ubisoft’s other open-world games, which offer little in the way of meaningful content despite their large size.

Ubisoft’s Lucien Soulban answered the questions about the Watch Dogs 2 sidequests on his Twitter page, following up a Ubisoft promise that Watch Dogs 2’s version of San Francisco would not be filled with large amounts of garbage sidequests.

The first Watch Dogs sidequests mainly involved doing things like attacking convoys of criminals, stopping crimes in progress, attacking gang hideouts, and performing Fixer contracts.

While these fit in with Aidan Pierce’s mission of taking down criminal syndicates around Chicago, that isn’t what Marcus Holloway and his friends intend to do.

While Pierce was on a mission of revenge, Holloway and the rest of DedSec are on a quest for societal change, and will likely be using sidequests in the game to boost DedSec’s reputation, maybe causing you to gain more help and change the direction of the story in a way that will make the rest of the game easier.

However the Watch Dogs 2 sidequests are going to work themselves into the story of the game, hopefully Ubisoft will be able to make the quests able to fix one of the biggest flaws about their open-world games, and fix the bloating of insignificant collection quests and side missions.