Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Driver SF Guide – Gain More Followers, Earn the Highest Rating

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Driver SF Guide to help you complete all 18 Driver SF Operations and earn the highest possible rating.

You access Driver SF Operations after installing the Driver SF app on your smartphone. The operations essentially revolve around dropping customers to a variety of different locations. By doing it, you earn ratings and gain more followers.

The Driver SF Operations can be replayed multiple times which is why you should try them with different vehicles and tactics to earn the best possible ratings. There are 5 operations in Oakland, 10 in San Francisco, and 3 in Silicon Valley.

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Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Driver SF Guide

In our Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Driver SF Guide, we have detailed all 18 Driver SF Operations and how to complete them.

Oakland Driver SF Side Operations

A Hoop-Less Situation
You need to pick up the customer from the parking lot outside Blume Arena. For this Driver SF Operation, try to have a vehicle with good top speed and handling. To get the best possible rating, you need to drive as fast as you can and drop the customer, interrupting his phone call.

Just Making a Living
Before we begin, do note that whatever you do in this side operation, you cannot get more a 1-star rating. You need to pick up Roman from the main street near Woodland and drop him off at Port of Oakland. The destination is actually a trap set by Roman so make sure to reserve as soon as you arrive at your destination and get out of the area.

You need to pick up Ian from Elmhurst District. There is no need to stop at the first two locations and you should simply follow the GPS route displayed on your mini-map. After arriving at the parking lot one block south of Oakland City Hall, escape the cops by heading towards east side and head back to the pickup location to conclude the side operation.

Every Day is Friday
You need to pick up the client from Elmhurst District and simply head towards the destination which is an alleyway in the central district. An important thing that you need to keep in mind is not to drive above 50 km/h and below 18 km/h. You can also ignore the GPS route as long as you arrive at the final destination without any problem.

Fragile Cargo
You need to pick up the client from freeway restaurant located on the far south side of Oakland. The van that you are asked to drive has terrible handling and can go off the path fairly easily. Due to these things, you need to take it slow and stick to the left-hand side of the road. The idea is to avoid without any damage and you should be good with the rating.

San Francisco Driver SF Side Operations

Daredevil Liv!
This side operation has the weirdest GPS route you can come across. In order to earn the highest possible rating, you need to get as much airtime as possible and choose a vehicle with not only good top speed but also decent stability and handling. Lastly, you need to keep an eye out on corners on your mini-map.

Expectant Fathers!
After picking up the client from near the WKZ Station, you need to drive as fast as possible while using the boost every now and then. You need to make sure that you do not crash and you should be able to score the 5-star rating.

Gone Phishing
After picking up the client from near the east of Cliff House, head towards the beach until you spot a few speedboats. From this moment onwards, you need to drive over the piers and follow them for a while. This side operation is fairly easy with an off-road vehicle, but you can go with a sports car if you want.

Liv Again
This Driver SF Operation is exactly like the previous one; hence the title. Once again, you need to select a vehicle which has decent top speed but also boasts good stability and handling. Moreover, always keep an eye out on the mini-map for potential corners and turns. As long as you have decent airtime, you should have no problems earning the 5-star rating.

Lost in Translation
After picking up the Chinese man from SFMOMA, you first need to drive him to the parking lot and then to the Ferry Building. Both of these are incorrect locations, but you MUST get there. Once there, head to Nudle Park Basement which is the final and accurate location.

Get Back in the Game
You need to pick your client up from Nudle Park and drive to the coffee shop near SFMOMA, Lucky Pierre’s Bar in Castro, and Crazy 80s Strip Club. It is important that you stop at each location for a while for the client to have a good look. Once done, drive the star player to Nudle Park. You need to be fast, but not crash in order to secure your 5-star rating.

Treasure Hunt
After learning all the clues, you need to drive to the Castro Theater, then to the Fishnet Legs building, then to the polka dot building, and finally to the street on the opposite side of !Nvite Building. You can even drive to these locations even before figuring out the clues to save some time and earn the 5-star rating. If you wish to figure out clues, make sure to drive fast and use boost occasionally.

Haum’s Dirty Laundry
After picking up the client from Ahed Housing Complex near the south-east edge of Sutro Tower, drive her to the William Finn Clothing Store and later to WKZ Studios. The key to earning the 5-star rating is to drive fast, use occasional boosts, and not crash.

Late Wedding
After picking up your client from Twin Peaks Housing Estate, you need to head to the church. In order to earn a 5-star rating, you need to drive fast and use the occasional boost, but you also need to make sure that you do not crash into vehicles and slow down at every sharp turn.

Silicon Valley Driver SF Side Operations

Johnny 5, Where R U?
For this Driver SF Operation, you need to drive fast, but not crash at all. Moreover, as soon as you enter the blue-circled area, slow down for the robot to search the area. You first must head to Palo Alto, then to Stanford University, and finally to Nudle.

For this Driver SF Operation, you need to have a decent off-road vehicle and search for the drone. You need to drive fast and use boost sparingly, but make sure that you do not hit any hikers along the way. Once you see that the drone has settled down, do not go too near, but make sure to reach the area as quickly as possible.

For the final Driver SF Operation in the game, you need to completely ignore the other drivers and focus on the checkpoints ahead of you. You can use the Vehicle Hack to get some breathing room, but the operation is relatively simple. You just need to make sure that you choose a vehicle which is fast enough but also has some good handling and stability.

This is all we have on our Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Driver SF Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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