Watch Dogs 2 PC Version Has 61% Less Players Than First Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2 PC version apparently doesn’t have the draw that the first Watch Dogs did on that platform, as according to Ubisoft the game has 61% less players than the first game did, as apparently many gamers want to play it on consoles instead. However, it may also be burned PC gamers.

Most gamers know that the first Watch Dogs game was surrounded by controversy when it first released, as the amazing graphics that it had displayed in its announcement trailer at E3 were nowhere to be seen in the finished game, not even on the PC. It would later turn out that the graphics were there, and could be switched on by a simple alteration to its code.

The issue generated a lot of controversy for Ubisoft, but even after saying that Watch Dogs 2 wouldn’t have downgraded graphics like the first game did, it appears to have not been enough for some PC gamers that might have otherwise bought the game.

Ubisoft has done well with its games this past year, managing to recover player numbers from the initially lackluster Tom Clancy game The Division, and enjoying a steady stream of DLC content and player base with Rainbow Six: Siege.

Whether this just means people are too oversaturated with Ubisoft content right now on PC to play Watch Dogs 2, or that consoles are just the more popular market for the game is unknown.

In its first week of release, the Watch Dogs 2 PC version only had around 18,000 players, where the first game had 47,000. Since that week, the number of PC players has since dropped to half of its original numbers, only numbering slightly over 9,600.

Hopefully the Watch Dogs 2 PC version can either recover players or make itself more appealing, otherwise it seems like all the work that Ubisoft did for the PC version of the game will have been for nothing, which may mean (if we get a Watch Dogs 3) that there might not be a PC version.