Watch Dogs 2 Gnomes Locations Guide – Where to Find, Unlock Gnome Outfit

Watch Dogs 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The game comes with many different puzzles, collectibles and side quests for you to complete but the following guide will focus on collectibles. It will help you locate a certain type collectible, Gnome, so you can unlock the Gnome Outfit.

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Watch Dogs Gnomes Locations

Gnome #1: Go to Papa B’s Pawn Shop in the Tenderloin to find the Gnome on a shelf inside.

Gnome #2: Go to the shipping facility of Tidis corporation, north of the Palace of Fine Arts. This is a front of the Brava crime syndicate. There is a Gnome near the front gate, inside a doghouse.

Gnome #3: Go a block north of Embarcadero Center and enter an alleyway across the park. Look for a rainbow-colored awning on a bus stop to know if you are going the right way. Go over the fence and climb the ladder to find a vent.

Use the RC Jumper and send it inside the vent. Use the Blume control box inside before going to the rooftop. The ventilation duct is now unlocked and you can enter to grab a Gnome.

Gnome #4: Look for a gang controlled lot with a small mobile home near the San Francisco to Oakland freeway.There is wheelbarrow full of dark liquid nearby that has a Gnome.

Gnome #5: Go to the HAUM Data Center and to the block next to it has a parking lot and a small brick building with a mural of a unicorn on it. Get to the roof of this building to get the Gnome.

Gnome #6: Head to the top level of East block of the Transbay Center and take out your RC Jumper. You need to have the Enhanced Spring ability and activate the Jumper off the shorter hedge to access the walled-off area. You will find a Gnome inside.

Gnome #7: Go to the Stache and Vine near the Mission-Dolores Hackerspace, across the street there is a grey building. Reach the rooftop of the building. The Gnome is near the hot tub.

Gnome #8: Locate the garden west of the Painted Ladies, enter from the corner of Doobie Donuts and go inside the alleyway. Go up the first set of stairs to find the Gnome.

Gnome #9: There is a park near SF MOMA, go to the west end of the park and go to the rooftop of taqueria. There is Gnome up there.

Gnome #10: There is a tunnel between Lake Merrit and the Coliseum. Inside there is small dock, climb up and use the ladder to find the Gnome.

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