New Trademark Filing Reveals Watch Dogs 3 For PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

A Youtuber has discovered a new Watch Dogs trademark filing which doesn’t link to the previous trademarks held by Ubisoft thus creating a theory that Watch Dogs 3 will launch on next-gen consoles like PS5 and Next Xbox.

According to SkullziTV, the sole reason for doing this is because Ubisoft wants to release the next installment of Watch Dogs series on the unannounced consoles by Sony and Microsoft. If it’s true then we don’t expect the game to arrive at least by the end of 2020.

The new trademark was filed back in November but was recently made public. It’s still in pending and the Youtuber has also shared the other trademarks that are currently in the possession of Ubisoft. As seen in the video, “new application entered in TRAM” on December 3rd of 2018 and “the new application office supplied data entered in TRAM” on December 7.

Despite Ubisoft being very secretive about it, we believe that Watch Dogs 3 is in development. It’s because of the cryptic messages and a hint from a smartphone assistant in the previous year. In 2018, we saw Sam, the virtual assistant by Ubisoft telling us that the game is in development when we asked about it.

Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but I tested the latest development version and it is doing very well. The development team is doing wonders! I can not wait for you to try it!

As for the third game in the series, it’s expected to be taking place in London after the first game being set in Chicago and the second in San Francisco.

We are very curious to know about the main protagonist in the upcoming game. Will it be Aiden Pearce or Marcus Holloway or someone new? Keep coming back to if you want to know it first. I personally want to play as Aiden once again.

With Sony out of E3, Ubisoft can steal the hearts of the fans with more show time to announce new games like Watch Dogs 3 with a trailer. Keep in mind that it can also turn out to be a cross-platform title like the first Watch Dogs game which released first on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 followed by its launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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