Wasteland 3 Rangers Last Hope Walkthrough

In this guide, we will take the look at the objectives and the complete walkthrough of Wasteland 3 Rangers Last Hope primary mission. We will discuss the points of interest in the mission and tell you what you need to do step by step.

Wasteland 3 Rangers Last Hope

After the death of Major Vera Prasad, you will be the one is command and the mission will be to get in touch to make a new Ranger HQ for starting the supply flow to Arizona.

Along with that, we have to look out for Angela Deth. The objective to start with is to find the Patriarch.

To complete this mission you will have to go to the end of the Ambush Site and interact with the Kodiak and speak with the Patriarch there.

After coming across Major Tom you will get choices that will address whether you recruit them as a follower or not and the cigarettes you get from it are for Jodie the cat a.k.a. Major Tom or you can call them Major Tomcat.

You can either wave the cigarettes at the cat or use Animal Whisperer (1) to recruit the cat.

After that move towards the path where you had the conversation with Major Tom and you will find a Dorsey Vehicle.

Interacting with that abandoned vehicle will take you to the Patriarch.

The Patriarch
When you talk to the Patriarch there will be some interesting conversation options. The first point of discussion will be the Dorsey prisoner.

Your choices regarding the prisoner are to kill it, hand him over to the patriarch, or make a special choice.

The last option only presents itself if you have second-level leadership abilities.

When this discussion is over you will have some more options one of which would be regarding special First Aid level 2. Regardless of that keep talking and finish the mission.

Points of Interest

Let’s take a look at all the points of interest in this mission. The first one would be the Mess Hall. There is a toaster in the hall and you will need 3 Toaster Repair to fix it.

You will get the Toaster Repairman’s Badge if you can fix this toaster. If you get the Tarjan Token and you can use that at the Bizzare.

Then you will head to the terminal at the Museum 3 to 5 Nerd Stuff. There will be logs in it when you hack it which will get you XP.

You will find a Radical Rachel in the corner there which is a Creepy Doll item.

The next point of Interest is the Brig. You will need 3 First Aid to examine the corpse you will find there.

You will find logs inside the terminal there and the Brig Master’s Key inside a container there.

The prisoner in the Brig can either be killed or left free. To free him you need 5 Lockpicking or the Master Key you found.

It does not make a difference if he lives or not, except a little note you will find at the corpse in Colorado.

There are some Refugees and Del Hackett inside the Locker Room. Try to be careful as to not affect your Wastelander Refugees reputation.

At the Med Bay, you will have to examine multiple corpses that require 1 to 4 level first Aid to examine. You won’t be able to open the Ranger’s HQ vault right now so just ignore it.

If you have level 4 Explosives you can disarm the traps at the Armory. You can find a Molotov cocktail inside a container here.

Next, you will head to the Garage where you will repair the Rusted Slicer Dicer using level 3 Mechanics.

But you will need to fight it if you repair it. You will get a Slicer Dicer Self-Assembler along with a Pulse Gun weapon. There is also a corpse that needs examining,

After finishing the trip your reputation with Patriarch’s Marshal will increase by 1.

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