Wasteland 3 Fits Multiple Viable Builds With Heavy Customizations

Even the most bravest of rangers will require the proper tools to survive in the freezing post-apocalyptic Colorado of Wasteland 3. Thanks to an overhauled progression system, inXile Entertainment has opened up a lot of doors to not only build but also adapt characters to different play-styles in the upcoming sequel.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, game director Tim Campbell confirmed that Wasteland 3 will feature heavily customizable rangers. In terms of builds, there will be multiple viable ones to choose from. Every set of attributes, skills, perks, and quirks can be customized, allowing players to spend time on squad compositions and the overall gameplay needs.

However, on the same note, inXile Entertainment has made sure that there are no overpowered options stemming from the excessive freedom. Wasteland 3 is all about strengthening choices but there won’t be any particular ones that players feel forced to have. In other words, the developer has tried to create a balance despite the heavy customizations.

Rangers are heavily customizable, with players creating an entire squad of characters and levelling them up through the entire game. We’ve overhauled progression, strengthening the choices, making sure that there are always multiple viable builds, and working to ensure there are no overpowered non-choice options that feel necessary to have. We have full sets of attributes, skills, perks, and quirks that can be customized, giving players load of choices in terms of playstyle and party composition.

Campbell also pointed out that it’s not just the rangers that can be heavily customized. The Kodiak — player vehicle — will be open to new upgrades as well, including improved chassess and turrets, special weapons, heavier armor, “as well as some surprises” that players will have to find for themselves.

Wasteland 3 received a brand new gameplay trailer at the X019 fan event last week that dropped a few details about the storyline and setting. The frozen tundra of Colorado has been built on violence over many years, making life incredibly difficult for those who just want to be left alone. However, the wind has been shifting as of late and there’s a chance that you — the player — can help them return back to happier days.

The upcoming sequel will feature an optional story-driven co-op mode, the first in the franchise. Players can choose to team up to work together through major storyline junctions or split to pursue their own goals outside of the missions. InXile Entertainment has also evolved the combat system to offer more strategic depth. Now, more so than ever, players will have to understand the terrain to note ambush or vantage points.

Wasteland 3 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 19, 2020. For now, there are no plans to port the sequel over to the Nintendo Switch. Backers have been waiting since 2016 for the game to finish. Suffice to say, based on all footage and details available, the wait was worth it.

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