Wasteland 3 Exploration Tips

In our Wasteland 3 Exploration Tips Guide, we will help you get a hang of Wasteland 3’s world map, and we will explain all the little details you need to know in order to make your Exploration of this sprawling world as seamless as possible.

Wasteland 3 Exploration Tips

Once you’ve reached the Ranger HQ, you can begin your exciting journey of the world map in Wasteland 3.

Throughout the whole journey, you’ll be traversing from one place to the other in a huge vehicle named Kodiak.

Before you undertake this venture, make sure to give the World Map a look or two by going into the options menu.

The arrows on the map indicate the presence of settlements while the question marks represent points of interest, which range from stashes to a Massacre Site.

Points of interest

Throughout your trip, you will see a whole lot of stashes. However, most of the boxes you’ll find will just contain a bunch of scraps.


On the contrary, you’ll also come across bunkers and camps occasionally.

Provided you have the required skills up your sleeve, you’ll be able to acquire rewards, ranging from currency to valuable equipment.

Furthermore, you can also buy a variety of stuff from vendors on stores that you’ll spot now and then.

However, if your reputation status is ‘disliked’ or ‘hated’, you won’t be able to deal with them as vendors are associated with factions.

Random Encounters

In the wilderness of Colorado, it’s almost inevitable that your journey will be peaceful, right?

You’ll indulge in various battles and skirmishes from time to time. So, you should always be ready to fight. Never let your guard down! You may come against gangs, drools, or evil robots.

Your best bet is to stand up and fight unless you have the Survival Skill unlocked, which allows you to escape a fight without any issues. Otherwise, your escape will cause your enemy to get the upper hand.

If you stand your ground and fight, Kodiak will also help you out. It has its own AP and if upgraded, a myriad of attacks to assist you.

In case of victory in a battle, you’ll be rewarded with a chest and tons of loot.


The greatest challenge in your journey will be to beat both of the Scorpitrons, each of which has a swarm 6 robots to protect them.

To prompt the fight with any one of them, move next to it.

Apart from the AOE attack of the Scorpitron to devastate your troops, the sneaky little robots that fight alongside them can be quite deadly due to their laser weapons so be wary of them.

You shouldn’t face many difficulties taking care of the robots. Once they are out, bombard the Scorpitron with cannons from Kodiak and hit it with everything you and your Squad has got.

Remember to pick up the loot once you’ve emerged victorious.

Kodiak Upgrades

Keeping Kodiak upgraded is imperative to your successful exploration of the Wasteland 3’s World.

You need to keep a track of Kodiak’s Chassis and upgrade it when needed. Kodiak’s Chassis actually determines its radiation resistance.

If it’s not high enough, the radiation can prove fatal for you and your squamates.

That’s when you need to purchase the Chassis upgrade from Ranger HQ’s garage mechanic. The garage also offers some other upgrades form Kodiak.

Other than that, Morningstar AI is another one of the upgrades for Kodiak worth checking out.

Apart from enhancing the Action Points of Kodiak, it integrates an AI voice in it, so that it converses with your team from time to time.

You can also get your hands on some other upgrades for Kodiak by completing quests or in the form of loot.

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